Top 10 Online Courses For Your Kids In 2019

Gone are the days when you needed to go to school or to a class to learn. You can pick a reputable site online and get all the information you need. 

We say this because you don’t need to take your kid to school anymore. There are many online courses that your kid can take to learn information that’ll be useful for their future. To help you out, we have compiled a list of online courses for kids in 2019.  

1. TekkieUni 

TekkieUni is considered to be one of the best sites in terms of online courses for kids. It’s suitable for kids from age 8 to 17. Most of the courses are focused on coding and a bit of social media. They have courses on robotics, app development, scratch programming and YouTube creation (how to share stories on social media).  

Each course is divided into certain age groups to make the experience even better.  The staff is quite experienced and work hard to make the experience fun for everyone. The site employs different learning techniques such as project-based learning, where students learn by doing.  

They also have a 24/7 learning community where students can write questions and have them answered from teachers and friends. Teachers also meet with their students (a small group) once a week in a virtual classroom to help with the learning experience.   

2. Tynker 

Tynker is a site that aims to teach kids to learn how to code. The website caters to a wide age group and is suitable for kids age 4-13+. They use visual blocks to teach kids how to learn different programming languages. The course is self-paced, so your kid will progress when they want to and when they are ready.

The courses have also been divided based on age groups. Tynker calls it “The pathway to coding confidence.” The first course is more on voice instructions and focuses more on mastering the coding basics via voice instructions. The second age group is 7-11 and employs the visual blocks to introduce your kids to programming.  

The final course is for kids 13+, where kids learn real-world programming concepts. Tynker also offers a free e-book called “Coding for Kids.” The e-book explains the importance of coding to your kids and why they should start learning it at a young age.

 3.   Code Avengers 

This site offers a great and fun online experience for kids to learn coding. Code Avengers is not only meant for kids. They also have courses for teachers. The site has three types of courses.  

The beginner's course called “Learn.” It’s for kids aged 5-14 years of age and covers the basic concepts of programming. There is a course for school teachers called “Teach” that is meant to empower people to help them teach coding to others. The final course is called “Create” course for people aged 15 years and above.  

There is a 7-day trial that you can take advantage of to see if the site will work well for your kid.   

4. Udemy 

Everyone in the digital space knows Udemy. It’s a great resource for those on a budget looking to learn a skill. The site is famous for its price discounts that take most of its course prices down to $10.  

Udemy offers plenty of tutorials for your kids to learn coding. You simply need to search “coding for kids” on the site to see what’s available. You need to be careful when selecting a course on Udemy.

Anyone can submit a course on the site. Do your due diligence. Check the star rating of the course and take advantage of the course preview to see if the course is suitable for your child.  

5. Code Academy 

From web development to data science to programming and computer science, Code Academy has it all. The site is suitable for all age groups and has a free tier and a paid tier. The former tier offers free online classes for kids 

You can utilize the free tier to allow your kid to learn a new skill every day and for you to see whether the platform will work for your child. Code Academy focuses on teaching via practice with quizzes and practice tests with every lesson/course taken.  

6. Plural Sight 

HTML is the foundation for many skills, including web development and building a web scraper/bot. Unlike the other sites mentioned earlier, this site focuses on HTML and its basics. It’s a great place to start to teach your kids the basics of HTML and how to become a web developer.  

Your kids only stand to gain from taking the extra time to learn the coding concepts. If your kid is not interested in technology and more keen in extra-curriculars, consider academic painting courses in the USA.  

Music classes, sports and debate classes are also a great option. Get them enrolled for in debate classes and make them work on some good debate topics for kids.  

7. Sylvan Learning  

Sylvan learning offers an after-school program for kids in elementary and middle school. The course is self-paced with the assistance of a teacher. The idea of the course is to empower your child via the use of goals.  

Each class and lesson is structured with a goal to meet at the end. This way, there is a sense of accomplishment and incentive for them to push further. You, as a parent, will also get a link to the project completed by your child to help you assess their progress. 

8. FunTech Summer Camps 

The courses offered by FunTech Summer camps are more suited for kids in summer camps. These courses are made for kids of all age groups and focus on teaching your kid how to code and build.  

It’s for a time period of one week and during this time your child will learn touch typing, how to code, build a robot and create their own game. The courses here are more suited for kids of age 7 and above. Spend time outside and don’t worry about who would write my essay or do my office project report writing at . Use a good online writing service to get your work done.  

9.  First Code Academy 

Led by a team of 3 MIT-certified master trainers, First Code Academy is the leading place for STEM in Singapore. The courses take place from June-August and are suited for kids aged 4-15+.  

The courses are made to guide your kids from the beginner level of the way to being an expert. They also offer trial classes for you and your child to get a feel of their courses and see whether they’ll work for you.  

10. Code Combat 

Designed for both teachers and students, Code Combat is the ideal way for your kid to learn computer science. For students, code combat has employed the use of a game interface to make learning fun. Students get to type JavaScript and Python languages and watch their players interact (via the code) in real time.  

This makes the experience practical as they understand the underlying concepts but also see the impact of their code. For teachers, code combat empowers them with resources, training materials and support to make the teaching process easy.  


As technology gets integrated into every aspect of our daily lives, knowing coding is going to be even more essential. As you have seen, the options for online classes for kids are endless.  

By teaching your kids coding, you’re not only empowering them for the future, but you’re also giving them a leg up in what’s going to be a competitive market space. The benefits of coding are plenty. It improves your child’s logical thinking and problem-solving skills and gives them more confidence as well.


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