AME Media & PR is the leading PR, marketing promotions and multi-media agency for grassroots marketing and networking for and to modern parents. Under the umbrella of AME was formed Everything For our parent media newsroom website with an emphasis on dads, a network collecting content from member blogs and impactful trending news in the US and globally.

Every Thing For Dads™ is an initiative that has involved thousands of involved and engaged dads and families of all types in fatherhood via news, media and non-for-profit programs. We have created THE ONLY truly grassroots oriented PR and media hub via this process, and use our magazines, events and now i-radio programs to promote a social enterprise that will encourage companies and organizations to better connect with dads as modern family consumers.

We at Every Thing For Dads™ have a massive following of dads (and their families) across the country, who look to us for information about the world of fatherhood, and, as consumers for the very best products and services that impact the lives of modern dads.

We are the No. 1 website for and about dads anywhere on the web!


Our following for Daddy and Family Magazine and Expo is 60/40 male/female, 25-49 demographic. Our readers are $50,000 plus income bracket, diverse cultural reach. The AME grassroots magazines and blogs have worldwide reach, and that we grew organically by linking our publication grassroots “guerrilla” marketing via linking with large parenting groups and organizations across the region and beyond.


Everything for inspires its readers  (we originally grew the brand out of our other magazine website - the average time spent on our site by readers is over 7 minutes, which compares favorably with top news and search engines [even Time Magazine 8 minutes, USA today 5 minutes] In a group of dozens of sites tracked by that includes the likes of Yahoo, News NBC News, BuzzFeed and CNN, the average visit is 3.8 minutes per day.

We combine up to the minute news, features and our Daily Dad online newspaper which tweets out the most popular news items of the day and tags the most followed twitter handles therefore keeps website traffic “sticky”. We have had several of our contributors picked up and quoted by other newsworthy organizations such as the Huffington Post as well as being invited to be full time contributors for them.

We have relied purely on website traffic to grow the magazine - that is purely organic traffic. As relevant news breaks or becomes, we are on it, and curate relevant content from as many reputable sources as possible, providing our own unique and grounded opinions, and so we get useful content out the door quickly. We engage a team of full time bloggers plus utilize our network of bloggers to keep the traffic flowing with valuable content and news.


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