Exhibitor - Baby's Bliss Infant Massage

Baby's Bliss Infant Massage

My name is Lisa Sierra, and I have a passion for children, especially the little ones out there!  I've been a Maternal Newborn Nurse for the past 13 years, and have learned that babies are both communicative and impressionable right from the start!  Through the years, I've taken an interest in the holistic side of infant care, and have learned the importance and power of touch, especially with Infant Massage.  Not only can massage help infants in multiple ways, but it can lay the foundation for an unbreakable bond with their parents and caregivers.  It truly is a wonderful experience that will help build loving relationships for years, and even generations, to come! I’m looking forward to meeting you at the Daddy & Family Expo for some hands on fun and to answer all your questions in person!