Dr. Judy Yaron

Dr. Judy Yaron comes to you with both theoretical knowledge and practical experience in raising kids: a PhD in Educational Leadership and a teaching career that spreads over forty years and three continents, in addition to kids and grandkids of my own.

As a mom and a granny, she too, has felt joy, exhaustion, confusion, pride and despair, boredom, frustration, bliss, and anger, hopes and doubts, guilt, pain, anxiety, and stress that are the makings of parenthood. She’s been where you are now and in many ways still is. She has had her share of ups and downs, and admits to have made mistakes – lots of them, but has learnt from both my successes and failures.

As a parent of children, who have flown the nest, Dr. Yaron can say that she is proud of her kids and where they are in their own life journeys. She doesn’t claim that everything is perfect, but they are definitely successful independent adults, who have the confidence and life skills to make their own choices, take responsibility for their actions and deal with the hurdles that come their way, and even smile along the way.

Dr. Yaron believes that leadership starts at home and runs a leadership program for parents and kids.

visit her: www.time2lead.club