Jim McKenzie

Jim McKenzie is a former child and family attorney of national accreditation of over 30 years’ experience, speaker, author and parenting advocate, as well as a Dad-preneur with 7 children (all home birthed, and caught by him) from 2-18 years of age! He is a renowned parenting advocate, speaker and consultant, constantly promoting dads’ involvement in the family unit, healthy family living, better parenting lifestyles, and helping to create a generation of educated and informed parents.

As Jim always says, "Dads tell me all the time that they know all there is to know about being a dad - I say to them that means it’s about time that they start learning how to be a dad!"
Jim brings not only his experience of “real” modern hands-on fatherhood parenting to our broadcasts or publications, but a lifetime’s experience of learning how to successfully create work and life balance for dads, the single most irksome issue affecting dads in the 21st Century, where the nuclear family is the exception to the norm. 

Jim has assisted and counseled thousands of dads (and moms) in his law practice and via his popular free online magazine Every Little Thing Birth and Beyond 360

Every Thing For Dads was founded by Jim McKenzie as part of his free digital online magazine the Every Little Thing Birth and Beyond 360, when on starting the magazine and after 7 of his own children he noticed that were very few magazines which spoke to dads issues. With the launch of Daddy and Family Magazine, dads everywhere have an international roll call of writers, male and female, reaching out to working dads, stay at home dads, divorced dads, confused dads, lonely dads and every other sort of in-between dad!

This passion has led him to create the Every Thing For Dads Convention and The Daddy and Family Expo 2015 (where dads can learn from other dads, as well as experts in a practical, and yet fun way), the Mega Dads Awards (celebrating extra-ordinary dads doing extra-ordinary things) and the Every Thing For Dads 501[c][3] Foundation helping dads create a generation of healthy lifestyles.

Jim speaks with authority on so many aspects of parenting, having brought up his children side by side with his wife in their shared office, together, changing diapers alongside answering the phone and getting on with the daily running of the business! Find out more about Jim here...