10 Need-to-Know Aftershave Tips for Every Man (#6 You Need to Buy)


Ditch the mediocre ways of shaving with these 10 need-to-know aftershave tips. If you want to know the tools of the trade, you need to know how to use them effectively! This might help.

10 Need-to-Know Aftershave Tips

#1 Rinse with Cool Water

To make shaving less irritating, it’s important you rinse your entire face with cold water. The cold temperature of the water closes off pores. This reduces the sensitivity of the skin and redness. Plus, you feel good and refreshing when the cold water touches your bare skin.

If you use warm water, it opens up your pores. This is an important pre-shave tip. But not for aftershave!

#2 Cleanse with Face Wash

Facial skin is the most sensitive part of your body. Especially after shaving, the skin is vulnerable and dry. To make sure you remove all unwanted impurities from the skin layer. You need to use a good face wash. Preferably one with aloe vera or tea tree oil!

The natural ingredients heal inflamed skin and moisturize. So your skin stays smooth and shiny after a good shave.

#3. Check for Cuts

Cuts and bruises on the most vulnerable skin regions are possible. Whether you’re a newbie or a professional shaver! Some you may get without you even knowing it. After your shaving is over, gently check your skin under a bright light.

Being careful while shaving is not enough to avoid cuts and bits. Your face and neck have a few ‘hardly-cuts’, you need to do this next.

#4 Use a Healing Cream

Here’s something in connection to the previous need-to-know tip. Using a healing cream or alum block to boost skin recovery. Alum block has excellent antiseptic properties. And it leaves your skin refreshed and smooth after.

When dealing with tiny cuts, you can’t let them heal on their own. Facial skin is sensitive after shaving. You need to apply this cream by hand on the cut.

#5 Soothe with a Toner

Most men avoid this step because it’s not that important! Guess what? It is one of the 10 need-to-know aftershave tips that you absolutely need to do.

A good toner improves the quality of your skin. It reduces inflammation, redness, and itchiness. It also gets rid of all oil particles in the pores. Making the skin more resilient against a little discomfort!

#6 Invest in a Good Aftershave

Time to discuss a product that works like magic!

What’s a common ingredient in an aftershave? It’s alcohol. It is what stings your skin after you shave. But this may leave your skin inflamed and sensitive for a long time afterward.

The best natural alternative to an aftershave would be the best smelling aftershave balm. An aftershave balm contains aloe vera or licorice root. This reduces redness and closes off your pores. 

#7 Apply a Moisturizer or Lotion

There’s a saying that goes“too much of a good thing is bad.” And this reasoning applies to shave too. Your skin takes too much of prepping, shaving, and toning aftershave.

For your skin to come back to normal condition, it needs moisturizing. This is where your ideal lotion comes into play. Invest in a natural and safe lotion or face cream. Apply a drop on your hands. And gently dab your skin with both hands. Do not rub the lotion of the skin.

#8 Clean Your Razor Thoroughly

You often forget to rinse and clean your razor after shaving. It’s only natural to treat your skin first. While the razor is kept aside next to the sink. Still moist from the shaving cream!

When you use a dull razor, it gives you a dull and blotchy shave. But a sharp razor slides against your hair effectively and smoothly. This means it needs extra caring too. Out of these 10 need-to-know aftershave tips, cleaning your razor is important.

You can drip the razor in a bowl of warm water. And add 1-2 drops of an antiseptic liquid. Wriggle the razor inside the bowl to get rid of stubborn hair follicles. They get usually stuck in between the blades.

#9 Wipe the Razor Dry before Storing

You must be able to reuse your razor a few times before replacing it. And the only way you can do that is by keeping it dry. Moisture is a blade’s enemy; at least while it’s not in use. You don’t want the blades to catch rust. Just because you forgot to keep it away from moisture!

While investing in a good razor kit is necessary. You must wipe the blades with a dry cloth after rinsing it. This keeps the blades dry, effective, and durable for longer.

#10 Step Out with Sunscreen

This is good for men with sensitive skin. Assuming that most men shave every morning before heading out! You can use a sunscreen that’s also a moisturizer. This protects against the sun’s harsh UV rays. And also against dust and humidity that clings to the air.

Key Takeaway

As men who shave regularly, passing these 10 need-to-know aftershave tips is essential. These are the 10 things you can do to avoid problems. Once you’re vigilant and careful, you’re the master of shaving.

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