Little Twig and Sparrow Pajamas Review

By Jim McKenzie

Little Twig and Sparrow Pajamas $49.99

Ok, a big ‘thumbs up’ for Little Twig and Sparrow's really well made and comfortable pajamas. Made from cool, Tanguise cotton from Peru, my 4 and 6 year old immediately became inseparable from them! I really like to “outside the box” designs, very different from any jammies on the market the designs (y kids love them for child role play wear as well, for everything from Star Trek to Spider-Man costumes). They also have a really nice fitted cut with ontrasting patches, cool colors,and unusually for children’s nightwear, are cleverly designed so as not to be gender specific - much kudos to Little Twig and Sparrow for tha!. Each pair retails for $49.99 - they are on the expensive side, you may perhaps think, but my children have worn these constantly for nearly three months, and there is no sign of the wear and tear that inevitably would have shown on lesser garments by now and so seem to have serious longevity of use!

RATING: Fatherhood Biz Award For Being Super-Pajama worthy!