Prince Lionheart: playMAT City/Farm Review

By Jim McKenzie

The Rolls Royce of Playmats is here…
When I was a little boy (many, many years ago..) I loved playmats. I made them up with brown paper, cloth, drawing or making up roads on which to play with toy cars from everything from string to paper straws. There just never seemed to be any mat that kept me interested, and the ones that my folks bought were dull, and made of cork that crumbled (especially when you drew on or colored them…I meant well.. of course).

But scroll forward to a new millennium, where I am now lucky enough to test drive the ultimate in 21st Century playmats! 

My 2 year old son playing on the City/Farm playMAt. 

My 2 year old son playing on the City/Farm playMAt. 

My children (and of course) are playing with the fun City/Farm playMAT from! And we are having a ball with it!

I really like the top notch quality and sustainable materials that are used for these mats. They are amazing - one side is covered with a day at the farm populated with kids, grownups, animals, plants, crops, paths and ponds! On the flip side, you can go urban, and use all of those old neglected toy cars! It's loaded with interlocking streets, roads, turnarounds, traffic signs, businesses, homes and people. The detail on this mat just has to be seen!

The mat is huge, but really easy to fold and unfold, and comes with a nifty see through storage bag. It’s also thick and comfortable enough to nap on after you’ve had a sleepless night with an energetic toddler who still wants to play! But after a lifetime of wanting to find the perfect play mat I always seem to find the extra energy to just keep on playing cars, and it's also a great educational opportunity! I rate this a definite 10/10.

You can find the City/Farm playMAt for $36.00 at Also available Prince Lionheart playMATS are: Awesome City/Zoo playMAT ($100), everywhere playMAT City/Zoo ($60), playMAT City/Ocean ($36), and playMAT City/ABC ($36).

RATING: Fatherhood Biz Totally Fun Product - Guaranteed To Bring Back Childhood Memories!