MyBuckleMate Seat Belt Buckle Holder Review

By Jim McKenzie

As any dad knows, the most frustrating part of getting ready for a car trip with the family
seems to be getting the kids in their seats safely and securely without twisted seat-belts and those nasty fingers and- thumbs-caught-in buckle accidents!

Well, I was lucky enough to get my hands on MyBuckleMate, and it made the impossible the impossible-possible! It makes the process easier and quicker (..and less painful). I rate this one 10/10... and now enjoy the full use of my fingers and thumbs every day!

The Mom-invented MyBuckleMate makes it easy to buckle up in the backseat with just one hand (just like you do in the driver's seat). MyBuckleMate was designed for kids in booster seats and is perfect for little hands. It fits in tight spaces and between booster seats and also fits securely so seats can be folded down without removing it and does not alter the buckle in any way. MyBuckleMate is also perfect for carpooling and accommodates three kids in the backseat (especially useful for me, having seven kids and all). 

MyBuckleMate not only offers ease of buckling but also provides an important safety measure allowing kids to buckle and unbuckle themselves (remember, kids need to be able to unbuckle themselves in the event of an accident). The easier it is, the more apt they are to use it. Getting your kids into the habit of buckling and unbuckling early means they develop this skill early on which will last a lifetime

MyBuckleMate is available in black, beige, gray, tan and red and works in over 45 cars. MyBuckleMate is available online for $14.99 at

RATING: Fatherhood Biz Great Hack Award! 

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