Get Back to Hands-On Practicality

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As the world becomes that much more technical our ability to connect with it in a practical manner is rapidly diminishing. These days, if your car sputters to a halt the issue is more likely to be electrical than mechanical. This can leave you stumped as you wait for the recovery man, unable to channel your own Dad and salvage the situation there and then. This is increasingly true in all aspects of life - below are three ways in which you can add a little more practicality and hands-on experiences to your day.

Build your own computer.

The advent of computers has contributed to the decline of getting your hands dirty in manual tasks. Why not recapture some of that manly joy whilst also working with the very machines that caused this? The much-vaunted Raspberry Pi can give you an opportunity to build and understand a computer of your own. The complexity you choose to take on is completely up to you, from basic light-controls to whipping up your own media-hub to plug in your TV and stream your favourite film classics or sporting events in that man cave you’re building.


Go back to a manual razor.

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In your own Dad’s day, men were men and shaves delivered via cutthroat razors. This might be a little extreme, but there’s no reason not to reconnect with everyday practicality with a safety razor.

If you’re stumped as to what razor is best to use you can view the best safety razors reviews - top 10 DE razors for wet shaving in 2017 and go from there.

It’ll help improve your rugged look, whilst giving you a moment of concentration in the morning to help spare you from the chaos of the dad-life.


Get back in shape.

A consequence of our newly cushy lives is that we’re exercising less. Now, there’s nothing wrong with a proudly displayed dad-bod - in fact the dad-bod is a bit of a hot commodity - but this isn’t to say you shouldn’t also be able to undertake manual tasks without a shameful amount of grunting and red-face. Your ancestors were out wrestling bears and getting in fist-fights over moustache lengths, the least you can do is ensure you’re in sufficient shape to move your mother-in-law’s garden bench and take the kids hiking now and then.

Don’t worry if you’re stuck in an office; you can find some of the best ways to sneak in exercise at work, just to keep yourself on your toes. Otherwise you can kit out your man cave with some weights and do a little light cardio every day. Anything to help fight the podge and keep your ready to wrestle any jar-opening tasks you may face in your day.


None of these will overturn our modern world - and that’s not a bad thing, our creature comforts are great - but they will help you retain that hands-on touch in a digital world. And you might just get a flashy media hub, new clean-shaven look and buffer dad-bod out of it too!