4 Important Lessons You Should Teach Your Toddler

In order to create the best possible adult that you can, it's important to start instilling the important lessons when they are children.   Why not start as early as possible? Many parents make the mistake of assuming that their toddlers are too young to understand right from wrong, and the consequences of their actions.  However, toddlers are much more capable of grasping concepts than you might think.

As a parent, consider getting a head start and helping your toddlers understand the following lessons. 

Be Careful About Accidents

Although you may want to protect your child from knowing about the dangers of the world, it’s not doing them any favors.  It’s vital that they are aware of how important it is to look out for dangers and potential accidents. By teaching them the realities of how they can get hurt if not being careful, they’ll be much more cautious around hazards.

There’s no need to over-dramatize scenarios or traumatize them, however, calmly explaining why certain activities are dangerous and how they may get seriously injured in the process.

Be Kind To Others

Kindness isn’t just a part of being polite, but it should be considered a trait that they’re proud of.  Teach them the impact that they can have on the world by simple gestures like a smile or helping hand.

Teach your children that being kind is more than just good manners.  Kindness should be practiced every moment of every day by being compassionate and patient. 

Sharing Is Caring

Younger children have a hard time with sharing initially; however, don’t stop reminding them that there is more than enough for everyone.  

Just because someone is playing with their toy doesn’t mean they won’t get to play with it again or that there isn’t another activity to choose from.  If more children learned to share the world would be a better place in the future. 

Use Your Words

Before children have completely developed their language skills, they use sounds and physical gestures to get their point across.

While this is understandable as an infant, they should be encouraged to find words for what they need as they enter the toddler years.  Screaming and kicking isn’t the answer, and you probably won’t end up getting what you want. However, by using language, you’ll be much more likely to get what you need. 

Remember, children learn best from the example that you provide.  You can tell them as many things as you want; however, they won’t have much influence if you fail to practice what you preach.

The best way to guide your children is to lead by example.  Showing them rather than telling them will encourage them to follow suit.