3 Reasons Why Every Parent Should Invest Time (And Money) Into Child Photography

The importance of capturing childhood milestones…

Child photography is one of those things that is on most parents’ to-do lists, but something we rarely get round to booking.  

Maybe this is because we assume it will be too time-consuming, too stressful, too expensive… and so on.

Really though, if you find the right child photography company for you, it can be a thoroughly enjoyable and even relaxing experience. Plus, the images of your family that you leave a photoshoot with will be so special that money won’t even cross your mind!  

To help push you into booking your family in for some professional photography, let’s look at some of the main reasons why, actually, child photography should be at the top of your list, not the bottom.


Last a lifetime

Most of the time, we snap photos of our family and children quickly while we are out and about. Whilst there is nothing wrong with capturing memories like this, the results do tend to be blurry, someone is usually looking in the opposite direction or refusing to smile - and the quality is generally not the best.  

Opting for some professional photography ensures that important milestones and stages of our children's’ growth are caught on camera. As embarrassing as your kids may find taking photos, as they get older they will be thankful to have memories to look back on! Child photography lasts a lifetime and is passed down generations with fondness, especially as your kids start to grow up *sob*. It has it’s uses too - perhaps there is a new boyfriend or girlfriend on the scene? You can crack out the family photos to break the ice!  

You can order professional child photography prints to put up around the house and make everyone smile on a regular basis. Research has proven that when there are photos of your children and family around the house, it positively affects their general self-confidence and reinforces their sense of importance as a family member. All parents want their children to be as blissfully happy in day to day life as they can be, so what are you waiting for?  

Nousha are a child and family photography company based in London who always make sure that their images are full of life, showing the individual character of each family. They take all their images in black and white and emphasise that all their clients simply have fun so that unique and special shots can be captured. If you’re an animal-loving family, you can even take your dog along - pets are part of the family, after all! 

Everyone included  

This point is one that, no doubt, practically every parent can relate to! Child photography and taking your family along to a studio means that everyone, yes even the dads, can be in the shots. No one has to stay stuck behind the camera shouting at a bunch of grumpy faces to ‘say cheese’. What a rarity!  

This is important because, although it’s important that our children’s milestones are captured on camera, us parents go through all kinds of funny phases too. As well as capturing milestones of growth, as our children get older, family dynamics naturally change too. Your children may have no interest in each other at some stages and be best friends at another moment in time - professional photography is a wonderful way of showing the character of these family relationships. Having everyone in an image together is a really special way to capture moments in time and make sure they aren’t forgotten.  

Professional photographers take all the pressure and worry of capturing a good shot completely off your hands. They will know exactly what to do to have everyone relaxed and smiling in no time. All you have to do is look smart, turn up with plenty of energy and be ready to have some fun!


Fun activity  

Last but not least, professional child photography is completely worth your time, simply because it is an activity for everyone to enjoy. Yes, us dads may grumble and moan about having to look smart and tag along, but it is a wonderful experience for all.  

For parents, a family photoshoot may even be a relaxing experience, since the photographer is the one calling the shots! All you have to do is make sure everyone looks presentable and be prepared to relax for some excellent and memorable shots to be captured.