4 Cleaning Hacks For Dads

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Many people choose to install wooden floors because they come in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes. Wooden floors look unique and they enhance the general aesthetics of your house. Hardwood floors are also easier to clean compare to carpets particularly when you have pets in the house that shed hair, may cause messy accidents or parrots and their big cages which can lead to the carpet being covered in droppings and debris from the cage. However, these floors have their own set of challenges during cleaning, especially for dads. Dads may find it hard to keep the hardwood floor clean because most of them are not able to multitask – what with looking after the baby, cleaning up, monitoring the pets among other activities.


Here are 4 cleaning hacks for dads:


1. Wipe up spills immediately

It’s so easy to pour a drink and leave the stain on the floor to be cleaned later, especially when you have a lot on your plate. However, the more the spills remain on the hardwood floor, the more likely they are to leave permanent stains. These stains majorly occur around the dining area. To avoid staining, wipe up spills immediately. You can also introduce a no shoe policy inside the house to keep the floor free from dust.


2. Vacuum frequently

It’s so irritating to feel particles on your floor even after cleaning. This is common with hardwood floors because the wax and finishes used are sticky, hence they tend to collect ground particles and pet furs. Furs tend to be more visible on wooden floors, making them look dirtier and older than they actually are. Dust and fur normally accumulate over time under furniture and in house corners. This dirt can only be removed using a vacuum cleaner. However, not all vacuum cleaners can be used with hardwood floor. Some cause terrible scratches on the floor or gouge floorboards when used over time.

If you’re looking for the best vacuum cleaners to use in cleaning your wooden floor, check out https://bestpethairvacuum.reviews/top-cleaners-for-bare-hardwood-floors. Here, you’ll get a complete list of exquisite vacuum cleaners that can pull years’ worth of dust particles and per hair from your hardwood floor. Additionally, the listed vacuum cleaners are designed to protect your floor from scratches and scuffing. Always vacuum 2 to 3 times a week to keep you hardwood floor clean.


3. Sweep the floor with a lint-free mop head

Keep the floor free from dust by using a lint-free mop head to sweep the floor daily. This is a specially designed wet mop that glides smoothly over rough hardwood floors. This type of mop does not leave shred or lint on the floor after cleaning. The mop also provides wider surface span and coverage, making it easier and faster to clean your hardwood floor. Most of these mops can be used for deep cleaning because they contain unique microfiber blends that pick up fine dirt particles and pet hairs. In addition, the mops are easy to clean after use.


4. Use a rug

The idea of having a rug cover up the well-structured hardwood floor may not be too welcoming. However, putting a rug on areas that have high traffic in the house (hallways, for instance) may prevent staining of your floor. It will also make it easier to clean these areas.


These 4 cleaning hacks will certainly help dad’s spruce up their floors.