5 Most Common Roofing Repairs


No matter how good your roof is, problems are inevitably going to creep up from time to time. But the key is to address these problems as soon as possible, so small issues don’t become much larger and more expensive ones.

Many roof repairs are not that big of a deal and can be extremely affordable, if caught and dealt with in a timely manner.

Here are some of the more common roofing repairs from a company called Independence Roofing , a very experienced roofing contractor with 40 plus years experience in South Texas.

Storm Damage

Roofs are often damaged when severe storms blow through. A good roof is your first line of defense against damage to your property, but that means that it’s also going to take a good deal of Mother Nature’s fury.

So whether it’s rain, snow or more serious weather events like tornadoes and hurricanes, it’s best to have a professional check out your roof if you suspect it was damaged by a storm.

Missing Shingles

If you find shingles in your yard, or just look up at your roof and notice some are missing, it’s good to take care of this right away while the problem is still relatively small. Missing shingles can make your roof more vulnerable to the elements, and can even be an indication that a new roof is needed soon.

Have a professional come out and take a look, and then give you advice on how to handle the situation moving forward.

Pest Damage

If debris builds up on your roof or in your gutters, it can attract pests such as mice and cockroaches, and even larger critters like squirrels and possums. These pests can chew and scratch and basically just cause a good amount of damage on the top of your roof.

If they’re able to create holes, they can even get into your attic or into the interior of your home. So try to keep your roof as clean and debris-free as you can, but call a professional out to take a look if the damage has already been done.


Leaks can be caused by many issues, including storm damage, missing shingles and even poor installation. But one leak is not that big of a deal and can be handled relatively quickly.

The bigger problems arise if you don’t address the problem right away, and that one leak becomes several leaks. If you ignore it long enough, it could even lead to needing a new roof altogether.

Improper Installation

Sometimes, the problems with your roof are a result of what happened, or didn’t happen, on day one. Contractors don’t always get the job done right the first time, and this can lead to issues with singles, flashing and more.

If the flashing is not installed correctly, for example, it can lead to open spaces in your roof. In this case, you’ll likely have loose tiles and even some leaks to contend with.

So if you realize that your roof was not installed correctly, handle it right away by either calling the original contractor out to finish the job or just hiring someone else altogether to take care of the issue.