5 Reasons Why Getting Fit And Getting Trim Could Be A Good Idea!


OK so we all know getting fit is a good thing. We also know losing a few pounds is good too. But what about getting really fit? Not just trim but getting a really good body that people complement you on. For younger dads in their 20s and 30s they still have the potential to craft a serious bod’ and those of us a little older can still make a much bigger difference than just losing a bit of weight. We thought it might be fun to look at a few reasons why really working on your physique and fitness could be worth the effort.


Whether you are single or already have a partner be them male or female having a better body would certainly not do any harm. For those people who have been with someone a while the change could really add some spark to the relationship. Failing to look after yourself in a relationship can certainly cause issues but the opposite is true when you put in a lot of effort. Be careful not to become obsessed though as they can cause other issues. If you are a single dad out there in the dating world then having a 6 pack certainly wouldn’t hurt!


Yes, there are jobs out there for people with amazing bodies. Actually there are a lot of side jobs too for a little bit of extra cash like semi naked butlering this is not stripping… but it pays well and only takes an hour! Low level modelling can be a very useful bit of extra cash too. But what about becoming a personal trainer? Running your own boot camp or gym class? The idea of working hard on your health and creating business opportunities is pretty appealing for people who feel they want to get fit anyway.  It is also important to think about the added confidence found from getting a great body and getting fit. This could do wonders in an interview and could well help land you that killer job!


It will come as no surprise that our kids will benefit from a healthy and fit father. It may just mean being able to do more with your kids but it may grow into actually sharing time with them. Getting into fitness may mean you can run with your kids as they get older, cycle longer distances and even go to the gym with them. Eating teenage kids are far more likely to respect and engage with a healthy fit father unless of course health issues prevent you from doing so. Getting fit shows you still “have it” without being embarrassing. Obviously if you start doing muscle shows then it could be an issue but getting ripped and getting fit will not do any harm!

Mental Health

Working out and getting fit can really help with mental health. It can release endorphins that combat stress and issues like depression. It is not just general mental health that can be improved either. Serious conditions like anxiety can be tackled, in part, by regular exercise. Activities like cycling can help create a situation for pure focus and this removes room for anxiety feelings to breath.  The other benefit is that new friends and bonds can be made and sometimes these bonds can be very helpful in improving our mental health. You may find groups of people with the same issues or perhaps just groups of similar people who have the normal issues around work stress. These associations can be very healthy. The focus of getting really, really fit can also help push away mental health problems and become stronger physically and mentally.

Your Health

Last, and certainly not least is your own health and longevity. By really working hard on a healthy lifestyle you may just increase your own life span and you will certainly improve your own health on a day to day level. No more panting up the stairs when the lift is out of order, no more jumping on a train covered in sweat because you ran 200ft. What dad wouldn’t want to be healthier for themselves, their partner and their kids?

You don’t have to take this to an extreme. Not everyone is meant to have a 6 pack and concrete pecs but even small amounts of effort to be healthier can yield great results in our relationships, our family life and at work. While you may not make money wearing nothing but an apron you might just be happier!