5 Reasons Why People Wear Socks Daily


Wearing socks is one of those ancient traditions that have refused to go away. If you ask most people why they wear socks, they will tell you that they were taught to wear them from a tender age and as such they can’t get enough of them. Socks are actually part and parcel of our wardrobe. They are actually made from different materials that include cotton and a combination of other fabrics such as polyester and silk. When buying socks, you should be guided by the purpose you intend to wear them for. Below is a list of reasons that push people into wearing socks.


1. Remedy Cold Feet

 There are many people who can’t get any sleep unless they are in socks. This is because their feet get cold at night. Socks therefore help in keeping such cold feet warm throughout the night. When your feet feel cold, they somehow prevent energy and blood from flowing smoothly. This can really affect the nervous system of the body. In fact, research carried out by scientists proved that wearing socks when going to bed helps in enhancing sexual satisfaction. During the study, spouses that wore socks were able to reach orgasm much faster. The opposite is actually true because it’s difficult to get aroused when one part of your body is already cold.


2. Keep Smelly Feet at Bay

It’s not wise to wear shoes without socks. Your feet actually sweats a lot when you wear shoes for many hours. If you are not in socks, the insides of your shoes are bound to get dirty because of the resulting sweat. When this sweat builds up in the shoes, it produces an awful smell whenever you remove them. Smelly feet and shoes are very embarrassing when you walk into other people’s homes or when there are visitors around. You can therefore keep your feet and shoes smelling fresh by wearing clean socks everyday.


3. Protect Feet and Legs from Dirt

 When you walk on any road without socks, your legs and feet will get dirty because of the rising dust and other debris. Such dirt might contain allergens that might trigger certain kinds of allergies. Besides that, your ankles and legs might be pricked by sharp objects when you walk in a bushy environment. Even when you walk on a muddy path, it’s your socks that receive all the punishment by creating a barrier between your skin and the mud.


4. Complete a Look

 The socks you wear reflect on your sense of fashion. There are some outfits that can’t be worn without being complemented with socks.  For instance, you would look horrible if you stepped of the house in a formal three-piece suit without wearing the socks. Depending on the occasion you want to attend, you should choose socks that matches with the clothes that you intend to wear. The good thing is that there are many socks that are available in different colors at http://www.pussyfootsocks.com.au/socks-for-comfort/bamboo-jocks.html . They are very durable because they are made from bamboo fibre.


5. Make Shoes Fit Well

 There are shoes that don’t fit well when you wear them without socks. Boots in particular need to be worn with socks because they can easily irritate your feet and cause them to have blisters. Besides that, socks help in keeping your feet dry to prevent the infestation of fungal infections such as athlete’s foot. Moreover, socks help in remedying cracked heels.