5 Signs You Need a Career Change… Right Now


Sometimes the need for change is not an apparent entity. It can quietly lurk in the background, nagging at the back of your mind, until one day it is thrust into clarity. Other times it is the shining beacon that you can’t help but acknowledge.

For many, this is the case when it comes to a career change. The need is glaring and obvious to them, their family and probably even their coworkers in some cases. Yet, even in spite of this many people choose to ignore these glaring warning signs.

So, what are the biggest tells that you are in dire need of a career change? Or at the very least, a new job.


1) Boredom

Do you find yourself staring into space for long periods of time? Daydreaming about fantastical situations; like a better job? Then that’s the number one sign that a career change is essential for you moving forward. Boredom kills your productivity, drive and can even make your output lesser quality than it was before.

Boredom can also be noticed by your managers, leading to performance reviews and maybe even the overall loss of your job.


2) Money

If you are only at your job to get money then a career change is calling to you. Money makes the world go round, it’s true. Many of us find ourselves in careers or jobs that we may not love in order to pay the bills every month. For this reason, we can feel stuck.

However, forsaking your own happiness in pursuit of money is not the way to go! Finding a career that makes Monday morning feel less drab and still pays the bills shouldn’t be a fantasy. In fact, it should be the norm for any woman.


3) No Movement

Spending years in the same job with no movement can be disheartening. Especially if you have the drive, know-how or desire to move up in your career. It may simply be a case that no one in a more senior position has left yet, so there is nowhere to go. But is that any reason to stay in a dead end job?

It suggests, at the end of the day, that your talents are not as valued as you would like.


4) Apathy

Whether you have a good day at work or a bad one, it doesn’t matter. Being yelled at by your boss goes right over your head. Even a smile from the little old lady across the hall doesn’t light up your day anymore. You, my friend, have a bad case of apathy.

Nothing can be more crippling than the sense that nothing you do or that happens to you makes a difference.  


5) You Would Leave if You Could

Ask yourself this question: if you could walk out of your job right this moment and never return, then would you? If the answer is yes then you need to work out an exit strategy. After all, if you want to leave then the only thing that is stopping you is the lack of a plan.


What Next…

Okay, so the signs of needing a career change are there. The writing, as they say, is on the wall. What next?

Research. There are a lot of careers out there, from anything like software design to choosing to become a foster carer. If you are bored with your current work, then it is important to take the time to look for a career that will be more engaging and exciting for you to take part in. Of course, all career paths have their boring aspects, so don’t disregard something simply for that fact alone. The rewards could, otherwise, be great for you.

A career advisor could also be a good idea, especially if you are worried about starting a career over again from the beginning. A popular choice is to head to recruiters like Day Webster who can help you find the perfect job for your skills and interests.

Overall, the signs that a career change is necessary are not as hard to spot as you might have thought. In fact, in many cases, they are as bold and obvious as the sun in the sky.

The next question you need to ask yourself is: how do I make the career change that I so desperately need? Getting a plan in place and preparing yourself for a new career may seem like a scary prospect, but if the alternative is everything listed above… well, then it’s a prospect worth exploring as soon as possible.


About the Author

Richard Meadow is a freelance writer that works closely with parenting, childcare and career choices. He is always interested in currently news in these areas and enjoys writing about them.