5 Things To Do Before You Hire Your New Nanny


Hiring a nanny is perhaps one of the biggest luxuries of maintaining a household. A nanny relieves you of the burden of doing several things at once while attending to your children. It’s a really a big help to anyone who wants to get a little peace of mind from doing all the housework. In hiring a nanny, there are several considerations you must take into account. This article will guide through 5 important things to do before you hire your new nanny:


1. Set realistic expectations

Before sealing the deal with your new nanny, make sure you’ve set realistic expectations on what you’re looking for in a nanny. This can be achieved by being very descriptive an accurate in your job posting. What exactly are the duties and responsibilities you will be delegating to your nanny? Do you want just someone to watch your baby while you’re at work? Do you need help with the housework as well? Will the nanny be cooking or doing the laundry too? How much are you willing to pay and what are the inclusions of your offer?

Those are just some of the questions that should be answered on the job posting before you proceed to interviewing anyone. Having a clear idea of what you’re looking for will speed up the nanny hunt and give you better options.


2. Get some references

Apart from the resume that you’ll be asking of your nanny candidates, it’s also helpful to know a couple of references from their past employers. A suitable candidate would provide at least 3 references. And as a future employer, you must call each of them to verify your candidate’s professional character.

Not everyone can provide a professional resume but it’s important for you to learn how long they served their previous families. You also want to see if the candidate really has adequate childcare experience.


3. Do a trial period

A trial period will help you decide fully on hiring your nanny for the long run. Spend a few days observing how they work around the house and interact with your kids before you give them a permanent position. This is also a chance for you to teach them about the house or any other essential information about your baby like allergies and certain conditions your nanny needs to be aware of. Once you’re good with your chosen nanny, don’t be guilty if you feel the need for surveillance. Nanny cameras are legal and it helps not just watch your household from afar but also respond to emergencies much faster.


4. Do a background check

As an employer, never ever hire someone without running a background check on them. Depends on where you live, this can run you around $40 to $100 dollars. In exchange, you get peace of mind that you’re getting the right candidate with no shady past. A lot of families get trouble with their nannies because they failed to do a background check on them, revealing a lot of criminal activity ranging from thievery and even a history of arrest. You don’t want to miss this important information about your candidates.


5. Write down a work agreement

Once you’ve sealed the deal with your nanny, write a contract and sign it. A work agreement is important for both parties so that all expectations are laid down. You should include the salary, work hours, food and lodging agreement, time offs, and so on.