5 Tips To Consider When Moving Homes With Your Family


For many people moving homes can be a stressful thing, getting started and organized, deciding what to keep and what to give (or throw) away, some things break and get lost during the process…etc.

What makes the moving process even harder is if you have a family. Moving homes with kids especially is not an easy mission for the majority of people.

First, there’s the emotional connection that kids have with the place they grew up in. They experience it harder than adults, to leave the place and move to a completely different environment.

They probably have friends, school, and other activities they don’t want to leave behind.

In this post, you can find 5 tips to consider when moving homes with family:

1. Plan everything in advance

Make sure you have everything figured out and planned a few days in advance of the moving day. Try to think every single detail, writing down what will go where, and how long everything will take you. Even if you’re going to get professional help to help you move, keep in mind that accidents happen and things get lost during the moving process.

Open up your notes app on your smartphone and make a few quick notes about everything that will happen on moving day, it will make it easier for you and less stressful.

2. Understand emotional connections

Kids and even grown-ups can sometimes have really strong emotional attachments to objects, environments, and even the whole neighborhoods. Moving homes creates the sense of detachment, of leaving something behind, not seeing it anymore, and humans in general experience this feeling hard.

You kids will probably start crying a lot, won’t understand the reasons why the family has to move to a completely different place, why they have to leave friends behind, but it is the parent’s job to understand why children react this way.

It doesn’t matter whether they are 5 year olds or teenagers, we are all humans. Your first step is to understand them and then try to explain as simply as you can why you have to do this together as a family. 

3. Try to make moving fun

Try to think of ways you can make the moving process fun. Kids like games and having fun, so what you can do is give your kid a few boxes so they can organize their toys or create a cardboard castle with them so they can enjoy their time while you working.

Also, make sure you play their favorite music or TV show, so that they don’t get bored. If your kids are older, try to get them involved in the moving process. Show them how to put things in boxes, what they should keep in mind when moving homes, try to teach them life lessons. They will surely enjoy it.

4. Keep your kids safe on moving day

Safety is important. Make sure your kids are not lifting heavy boxes or touching boxes on top of each other that can fall. They can very easily get hurt if you’re not careful and have your eyes (and mind) on them.

It’s best if they are with you all the time, or if you can’t have them close to you, make sure you get someone to look after them while you’re busy moving stuff around.

5. Start a new chapter in life

When you move into your new home, the process will start all over again, but now it’s backwards: you’re putting stuff out of the boxes and finding a place for them. Your kids might not like the new home and will find it hard to imagine that they will be living there from now on, but explain that this is a new chapter in your family and things will be interesting moving forward.

Walk around the neighborhood, meet people, see if your kids can find new friends to play with, explore. It’s all a part of moving.

To make everything easier, it’s best if you get help from professional movers. The good ones know the challenges involved when helping a family move homes, so they will take plenty of “weight off your shoulders.”

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