5 Tips To Installing An Epoxy Garage Floor

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Garage epoxy flooring is a hard, durable coat available in different colors that is painted on your concrete floor. This epoxy floor has the ability to withstand oil, grease, or any other substance that can ruin normal floor paint.

If your garage floor needs an upgrade or you may want to apply this epoxy garage flooring to your home, then here are 5 tips on how you can install it:


1.    Assess Your Floor

Before installing an epoxy garage floor, you need to thoroughly assess your floor’s concrete condition. Find out whether concrete sealer had been initially used on the floor and you’ll know this if you notice water forming drops when poured on the surface. If that’s the case, then avoid installing the epoxy floor.

If the floor is new, give it around 2 months for it to cure completely before installing the epoxy and if the floor was previously painted, ensure that the current paint is removed first before applying the new epoxy garage paint. Assess your floor first before proceeding with the epoxy garage floor installation.


2.    Clean Your Floor

You can make use of a flat-edged scraper or shovel to scrape off hard debris on the surface then sweep it off with a hard bristle broom. Use water and concrete cleaner to clean off the spots then power-scrub the whole floor using an electric floor scrubber.

You can use a hand brush to scrub the corners that are inaccessible with the machine. Once cleaning is done, vacuum the concrete cleaner and dispose of the cleaning product properly to avoid harming the environment.


3.    Etch The Concrete Floor

To etch the concrete floor, use muriatic acid. Sprinkle water to the acid mixture and then use the electric floor scrubber to power-scrub the floor. Once this is done, use a hose and nozzle and completely flood the floor with water as you drag off the muriatic acid mixture off your floor space into the drainage sewer. At the end of the process, the floor should have a fine-grit sandpaper feel.


4.    Determine Which Epoxy Floor Coating To Use

You need to decide on the best garage floor epoxy paint to use. These paints are strong resins which come in two different parts which you mix together before applying them.

They can either be 100% solids which don’t contain evaporating solvents or solvent based epoxies which contain 40-60% solids which penetrate well and are preferred by most professionals, or the water-based epoxies which also contain 40-60% solids and have no dangerous solvent fumes.

Whichever epoxy floor coating you choose, it is highly advisable to apply 2 coats create a strong thick build that will last longer and remain durable.


5.    Patch All The Cracks And Apply Two Coats Of Epoxy

Once the floor has been cleaned and has dried overnight, use an epoxy crack filler to fill in the cracks, holes, and spalled spots. Scrap the surface level to smooth it using a plastic putty knife after which you can apply the first coat of epoxy and allow it to dry overnight then apply the second coat. The floor will be ready for use after a week.



These tips will help you install an epoxy garage floor in your garage or home floor. But you can have the experts do it for you. To get the best epoxy garage floor installed in San Diego area, link up with Best Coast Epoxy Coatings Company.