6 Questions To Ask To Find The Right Eyeglasses For You

Once your eye exam is complete, it’s time for the fun process of choosing a new pair of eyeglasses for yourself. Whether you’ve been advised to wear glasses for certain activities such as reading, driving and using the computer – or whether you’ll need to wear them all the time going forward in order to protect your vision, there’s no denying that there’s a huge amount of choice on the market today, which can make finding the perfect pair of glasses for you a bit of a minefield. Before you take the plunge into the thousands of options available, here are some key questions to ask to help you narrow down your perfect matches.

#1. What Type of Lens Do I Need?

Understanding the type of lens that you need will help you figure out the best frame for the job. If you only need a single vision lens then you can choose from any size frame, whilst deeper frames are a better option if you need bifocals or trifocals. Or, you could opt for progressive lenses to widen your choices.

#2. What Will I Be Doing in Them?

Next, ask yourself what you expect to be doing when you’re wearing the glasses. If you’re going to be wearing them for most of the day, then you’ll want a robust and reliable frame that will last you a while. Frames made from a flexible material are a great choice for anybody who expects to be active in their glasses, whether you’re going to be wearing them when exercising or just need them to keep up with your busy everyday life.

#3. What’s My Style?

Your glasses aren’t just essential for your vision health – they can also be a key fashion accessory that says a lot about you. So, you’ll need to consider your own personal style as well to make sure that you’re choosing frames that you suit and enjoy wearing.

#4. Will I Be Wearing Them in Front of the Computer?

If you primarily work in front of a computer and expect to be looking at the screen wearing the glasses on a regular basis, then anti-reflective coating is an addition that’s worth spending the extra for. The coating helps to reduce glare from the back of the lenses, helping to prevent squinting and eye strain.

#5. Do I Have a Preferred Brand?

 There’s a massive range of both branded and unbranded frames to choose from, so it’s worth giving some consideration as to whether or not you have a preferred brand. Chances are you can find eyeglasses made by brands that you know and wear every day, such as these Burberry eyeglasses.

#6. Do I Have Sensitive Skin or Allergies?

Finally, make sure that the glasses you choose won’t be irritating your skin. If you suffer from allergies or have sensitive skin, then it’s worth looking into hypoallergenic materials for your frames such as nickel-free metal, plastic, titanium and stainless steel.

Did asking these questions help you find the perfect pair of glasses for you? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.