7 Thrifty And Nifty Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Bathrooms are a high-traffic place in any home. A single bathroom can take a lot of time to clean, but it only takes a few seconds for it to return to its former state. Spotless and sparkling shower stalls, toilets, and sinks are a sight to behold, but don’t you wish you can freshen up the look of the place a bit? 

These figures, which may be higher or lower where you live, show the average cost of a bathroom remodeling project. It certainly is a significant undertaking that requires a lot of planning and budgeting. For now, you can carry out simple steps to decorate your bathroom with minimal expenses stat.  

You have the best and most accessible tool at your disposal: the internet. 

1.  Green Things Growing  

Plants instantly liven the place and look good on the eyes. They can also act as natural deodorizers by absorbing odor, moisture, and dust. Most houseplants can thrive with little water and light. But to be safe, especially if your bathroom has no natural light and has high humidity, try spider plant, bamboo, aloe vera, etc.


2. Get Yourself a Stool  

The stool is a staple in a Japanese home or hotel. And you can borrow the idea for your bathroom and tweak it a bit. The Japanese use the low chair to clean themselves before soaking into the tub. 

Wood can provide texture, a contrast to ceramic fixtures. To prevent moisture and mold from damaging the wooden chair or bench, you can treat it with white distilled vinegar or baking soda mixed with water.


3. Swap Paint for Contact Paper  

Contact paper does wonders for kitchen countertops and cabinets. Replicate the trick by covering a portion of your bathroom walls; some go top to bottom, including the bathroom tiles. Whether you go for marble or flowers, these self-adhesive wallpapers are a cost-effective and quick alternative to a fresh coat of paint.


4.  Spread Color and Cheer 

White is a default choice in the bathroom because it looks clean and soft like cotton. To break the monotony, you can add a touch of color anywhere in the room. It can be your shower curtain, bathroom vanity doors, towels, or the accents on the countertop. Work with and coordinate shades that add warmth and happiness to the bathroom. 


5. Put a Rug on the Floor 

Adding a lush rug to your bathroom makes it look like a million dollars, but the accessory can be a pain to clean and maintain. Aside from aesthetics, look for durability vis-à-vis usage and water. The rug also has to be safe with a nonslip feature for the kids and grown-ups. You can then shop by pattern or color that will suit your bathroom’s overall theme.


6. Expand Your Storage 

Are you always short of bathroom storage? You can practice a few tricks to free up and increase this critical space. For example, you can hang a shower curtain with pockets or an over-door organizer, tack an above-door towel rack, or stick magnetic pods to hold makeup. Before you organize your personal effects and toiletries and designate what goes where, declutter first.


7. Float Your Shelves 

Floating shelves are great additions, if not essential, for smaller bathrooms. They provide storage and, at the same time, refresh the room with a whitewashed, stained, rustic, or related finish. One of the best places to install these shelves is above the toilet because this space is typically overlooked and underutilized.


Improved Bathrooms 

As the abovementioned ideas will prove, you can spend less to decorate your bathroom. In any small home-makeover project, go by style and purpose. Then, you can set up a fund for major improvements or a new bathroom in the basement, perhaps. 

For this new basement bathroom, consider a macerating toilet. It offers straightforward installation for as long as you have electricity and water in the prospect area. You can also go bold with doorless walk-in shower for space and a corner pedestal sink for that vintage feel. 

Hold that thought, and jot down your ideas for your future decorating endeavors. In the meantime, have fun designing your bathroom for better mornings!