A Breakthrough Guide To Enhance Child Development

If you are a parent, chances are that you are busy. You may be busy with work, school and all the daily errands that you need to do and the cooking and cleaning. If you are a stay-at-home parent, you are still going to have a packed schedule, and if you work, you need to find a way to juggle work and all of the other things that you need to do. It can be tricky, and it can affect your relationship with your children. You may find that you wish that you could spend more time with your kids but the moments that you do have with them are precious and all the more meaningful.  

Children Need Quality Time

Spending quality time with our children is of the utmost importance, and it needs to be a top priority of parents. In fact, parental warmth is very beneficial to a child's well-being. A study conducted by the UCLA has shown that having a loving parent can actually alter the neural circuits in children which has a direct link to the quality of their health.

 Play is Important

Playing is extremely important for the development of a child. Free play with interesting toys such as blocks, stuffed animals, cars or anything else that will spark the imagination helps a young child to develop emotional, cognitive, social and physical skills. There are many Le Toy Van toys for sale that are easily available options which will be sure to inspire your child as well as encourage imaginative play.  

The Simpler the Better

"Simple" toys are sufficient and even more beneficial than those toys with all the "bells and whistles." These days all too many of the toys for sale are over-stimulating. They make sounds, vibrate, move in different directions, blink with bright lights and talk. The toys do all the thinking and take over any imaginative through processes. Children don't need a lot of stimulation. They simply need a fairly straightforward to get them started, and they will take off with imaginative play. A few blocks, a kitchen set, and some pots and pans can keep a child interested and playing for hours.  

As parents and caregivers, it is your job to take care of the children in your care. That means that you need to provide not only the essentials such as food, water, and shelter but stimulating toys as well to keep them entertained and happy. They do not need quantity but rather quality when it comes to fun things to play with. Children need to play on their own as well as with others.

 Our Children Depend on Us For the Right Kind of Care

Children depend on the adults around them to provide for their needs and to also provide a warm and safe environment. Having a loving atmosphere to grow up in effects children significantly and will ensure that they will grow up and become happy and loving parents themselves in one day. To psychologists, a loving relationship between a parent and child is known as "attachment" and is necessary for the upbringing of a well-developed child.  

This warm and loving relationship begins in infancy and continues well into the older years of children. Providing a loving and secure environment for a child to grow up in will ensure that that child will become not only a cooperative child but also a well-developed and emotionally stable child. They are also more likely to be independent and better able to handle new and challenging tasks such as mastering playing the piano or another important skill.