A Dad's Guide To The Perfect Family Car

Image: Flickr/Satish Krishnamurthy

Image: Flickr/Satish Krishnamurthy

When you become a father, you take on a whole world of responsibilities. One of these responsibilities is being in charge of finding a family car. To make that task easier for you, I’ve got a guide to finding the perfect one: 

Lots Of Space

Of course, with a family car, you need there to be a lot of space. There must be enough room to accommodate your family. Back in the day, when you were buying a car for yourself, it didn’t matter about legroom in the back seats. Now, it’s essential. You have to ensure that your kids are going to be comfortable in the back seats. So, legroom and seat space is important. You don’t want them all squashed together, complaining that they haven’t got enough room. Believe me, that’s the last thing you want to hear on a long drive. It’s no secret that a lot of big cars are popular amongst families. This is because they provide you with enough space to keep everyone comfortable. 

Easy To Drive

A family car has to be easy for you to drive. You should sit behind the wheel and be able to drive it without much effort. If your car is hard to drive, that’s not a good thing. You don’t want to be sitting there struggling to tame the beast. Driving should feel easy and require as little effort as possible. A car that’s hard to drive isn’t one that’s good for family use. The harder it is to drive, the higher your family is at risk. This is why sports cars are never a good idea for a family car. Aside from being impractical, they’re hard to drive. 

Quality Tyres

You need your family car to have a set of quality, long lasting tyres. There’s no room for any of these sporty tyres here. No, you need something that has plenty of tread and will grip the road well. Thus, you ensure that your car is safer to handle and safer to drive. Brands like Kormoran Tyres are well-known for making long lasting, safe tyres. You need to make sure that you get a brand of tyre that can make your car safer. It’s possible that your family car may come with a set of quality tyres if you’re buying a new car. But, if not, it doesn’t cost much to buy a new set. 

Good Safety Features

All good family cars will have excellent safety features. These days, technology has evolved so much and cars are much safer. Make sure that your family car is full of great safety features. Things like parking assistance and automatic braking are really good. In fact, automatic braking is a superb feature for a family car to have. This feature will make your car brake if you’re about to crash into something. It can come in super handy if you’re driving and distracted by your kids in the back. 

Everything on this list comes together to form the perfect family car. As a dad, it’s your duty to ensure you family car is the best it can be. 

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