Accessories Every Dad Needs In Their Closet

Accessories Every Dad Needs In Their Closet

Do you spend most of your free time in your ‘dad uniform’? Comfy, casual clothes that you can just throw on, and get on with your day? There’s nothing wrong with this, of course, you’ll never go far wrong when you dress simply. But if you’ve found yourself getting a little bored with your look, there’s an easy way to mix things up a little which doesn’t involve going way out of your comfort zone- and that’s with accessories.

These can help to make you feel trendy and bring a bit of personality to your look, and just make you feel a bit more like ‘you’ again which is something a lot of busy dads can struggle with. Here are the essentials every dad, or guy in general needs in his stash!


We all have smartphones these days to check the time on, but you can’t beat a proper timepiece. Practical and stylish, easier than digging your phone out of your pocket and ideal if you’re not allowed to use your phone at work. If you go with something that’s comfortable to wear and stylish without being too flashy it will work well with all of your outfits. If you’re a bit of a gadget geek or fitness buff, you could go with a smartwatch. The Apple watch, for example, can track your exercise activity and give you easy access to any apps you need while you’re working out or just on the go.


At item of jewelry is great for bringing some personality to your look. If could be a ring from a brand like Frost NYC, a chain or a bracelet. If you tend to keep it simple with your clothing choices, one piece of jewelry can help to give your look a boost. You don’t need to be dripping in metal, keeping it simple with one key piece is a good way to go. It could be something you’ve purchased yourself, or a gift someone has given you is ideal for sentimental purposes. If you’re torn between gold and silver, a good trick is to work out the undertones of your skin. If you have a warmer complexion you will suit gold, a cooler complexion will suit silver. Alternatively, instead of fine jewelry you could go with more ‘dress’ pieces. Black rope or gunmetal carbon fiber bracelets or stainless steel dog tag style necklaces all look cool and are the kind of thing you’d wear if you wanted to feel trendy rather than keep on all the time.


Wallets can take a bit of a battering. When they’re in and out of your jeans every day, tossed into the car or into a drawer when you get home, they can start looking a little worse for wear. Pulling out a beaten up and scruffy thing every time you pay for something can be a bit embarrassing. Your best bet is to invest in quality here, real leather will hold up much better than cheaper materials and will stay looking nice for longer. Many designers do plain dark leather wallets with a small brand logo stamped or sewn onto one corner, for a simple and sophisticated choice. Spend a little time every now and again going through and getting rid of old receipts and things you don’t need to keep it looking streamlined and not bursting at the seams with junk!


You will need a couple of belts for different occasions. For smart attire like suits for weddings, funerals, christenings and other formal occasions, a smart black leather belt is the way to go. It might not get worn all that often, but the last thing you need when you’re getting ready for something important is to realize on the morning that your trousers are falling down and you don’t have the right belt! Another would be more of a casual belt that works with whatever trousers you wear most often. It could be brown leather to go with chinos, a canvas belt to go with jeans- whatever you like the look of. You could also go with something a bit wacky as a fun addition to your outfit because it’s hidden most of the time it’s a fun extra without making too much of a statement.


Sunglasses are another practical part of any man’s wardrobe, but it’s another opportunity to add some style to your look. The important thing with sunglasses is they absolutely have to suit your face, this means that you can’t just buy a pair online because they look good on the model. Go into a shop and try on lots of pairs, you should take your face shape into consideration. Another important thing is the size and width, you don’t want sunglasses that are way wider or shorter than your face. If you have a smaller or larger face, you might need to search a little longer to find something that’s just right. Aviators are a good choice, they suit most people are are a classic style that won’t go out of fashion. If you use your sunglasses while driving, going with a pair that has polarized lenses is useful. These prevent glare giving you the best view of the road.


Unlike your wife or girlfriend, chances are you don’t have a hundred pairs of shoes in your wardrobe. And luckily, you really don’t need to. A couple of staple pairs will get you through any occasion. First, a pair for work. What these are will massively depend on your job. If you work in construction, it could be a pair of steel toecap boots, if you work in an office or other indoor job it could be a supportive pair of leather shoes. Whatever it is, buy good quality here as you’ll be wearing them for a big proportion of your day, month and week so need something that’s going to be comfortable. A pair of casual shoes to wear in the evenings at weekends is another essential. It could be some canvas pumps or converse, whatever looks right with your casual clothes. Some smart shoes, some trainers to work out in and a scruffy pair for jobs like gardening are also handy to have.

Hat, Scarf, and Gloves

It’s not the right time of year to be thinking of your winter warmers, but these are vital things to have in your wardrobe. If you’re a hat person, a couple of different ones you can wear throughout the year can personalize your look. A scarf or snood will help to keep you warm over the colder months (perfect for those awful early morning winter starts!) If you wear a lot of plain or dark clothes, a scarf in a different color can help bring some interest to your outfits. And of course, a pair of gloves are essential when it’s cold. If you do a lot of driving, a pair of leather driving gloves will help to give you grip on the wheel while stopping your fingers freezing!


Finally, no outfit is complete without a spritz of fragrance. Choose something light and wearable for every day, and something a bit stronger for evenings and formal events. You don’t have to buy a ton of different fragrances if you don’t want to, but these two should get you through most occasions. Any men’s fragrance counter will allow you to try different things and can advise you if you’re stuck. Perfect if you’ve been wearing the same aftershave since college and are clueless about what to buy!

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