Am I Losing My Hair Because I Have Dandruff?

Dandruff is one of those highly recognisable scalp conditions and it can be incredibly annoying and embarrassing if you’re the one who has it. Constantly having to deal with white flecks on your clothing and your pillow can be frustrating but could your seemingly harmless dandruff be a sign of something more serious?

A Closer Look at Dandruff

Your skin is always shedding and regenerating and while it’s normal for your skin to shed very small skin cells, in the case of dandruff, the skin cells are much larger and more noticeable. Dandruff also causes the skin cells to shed more quickly, which is why you can wash your hair in the morning and have dandruff by the afternoon.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to determine what’s causing your dandruff but here are a few potential causes:

-          Dry skin

-          A loss of skin elasticity

-          Medical conditions such as psoriasis

-          A weak immune system

-          Fungal infection of the skin

-          Chemicals in shampoos and conditioners

-          Poor skincare regime

-          Hair follicle trauma

-          Stress and anxiety

Could Dandruff Cause Hair Loss?

One of the many questions that patients of Martinick Hair Clinics tend to ask is whether there’s a link between dandruff and hair loss.

Dandruff may be unsightly and annoying but it’s definitely not linked to any serious health problems, including hair loss. Once dandruff is diagnosed properly, the right treatment will keep it under control.

The reason why people tend to ask this question is because many men and women who are struggling with hair loss also suffer from dandruff. While dandruff will never be the root cause of your hair loss, it can make it more prominent. Think about it this way – when your hair follicles are already struggling and you end up scratching your head because you have dandruff, you end up damaging the follicles even more. So, you can see why it’s easy to think that dandruff may be causing you to lose your hair.

If you are struggling with dandruff, treating it can definitely help keep your scalp and your hair follicles much healthier.

Dandruff could be your scalp’s way of telling you that the products you are using are not ideal or that blood flow to your scalp is being compromised. There are a number of aspects to look at when you’re looking at dandruff treatment options and if changing your shampoo is not working, you may want to look at your health as well as your eating habits.

Again, dandruff will never be the sole reason you start losing your hair but by not treating the dandruff, you will certainly place a lot more strain on your hair follicles. If you would prefer to get a recommendation from a professional, rather schedule a consultation at one of the top hair clinics. Not only can a hair loss specialist help you treat your dandruff but they will also be able to assist you with hair restoration.