Baby Girl Fashion Guide for Dads

Photo by     Travis Grossen

Playtime and dressing up my little princess are just a couple of bonding activities that she and I enjoy. When it comes to clothing, my wife and I make sure that she is wearing something that is both comfortable and stylish at the same time. We love taking pictures of her and she enjoys striking a pose for the camera. And nothing beats a perfect pose with a great looking outfit.

But aside from just making our little bundle of joy look great. More importantly, baby wear serves to provide her protection and comfort too. So how do we make sure that our precious angel is rocking that comfy and fab outfit all year round?


On Cold and Wet Weather                          

Temperature changes from cold to wet to warm especially during springtime. So, it is more convenient for us to dress our child in layered clothing.  I can easily take off part of her outfit for a fresher feel when it gets warm. And I can add an extra layer when it suddenly gets wet and cold.

Ideally, I dress her in the same number of layers as I wear. And we carry along an extra clothing, just in case. In cold weather, wool is a perfect choice because it is warm yet has comfortable and soft texture.  And then we put a nice hat or beanie on her that covers the ears perfectly.

Photo by    Travis Grossen    on    Unsplash

And since temperature shifts unpredictably, I always check and feel her tummy, toes, and back to make sure that she is not chilling or feeling too warm.

And lastly, we make sure that her clothes and shoes fit just right so as not to discomfort and leave her body with little room for circulation.


When it’s Sunny Outside             

Summer is the best time to bring out her outfits with bright and vivid colors. She looks doubly cute and lovely in girly and floral dresses. We also play with prints and patterns to bring some fun in her total look. Most of the time we mix patterns with solid colors so as not to make it look too busy.

                                                                            Photo by    Omar Lopez    on    Unsplash

                                                                            Photo by Omar Lopez on Unsplash

T-shirts are a staple item in her wardrobe. A nice brightly colored or printed shirt paired with leggings. Accented with baby hair accessories like baby hair bow or headband.

Pure cotton has always been my fabric of choice, especially for my baby's clothes. Clothes made of organic cotton is comfortable, breathable and not likely to cause irritation or aggravate allergies.

But since not all clothes are made of cotton, there are other types of fabric suitable for our babies to choose from. So long as they are comfortable to wear and able to protect our baby from the elements, then their fine.

There are many ways to dress up babies, that they would still look cute and stylish whatever the season is. Let’s just make sure though that we don’t get carried away and overdress them. 

Bottom line—comfort and safety should be our guide when choosing an attire for our baby.



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