Back To School Healthy Event Catering


It’ll soon be that time of year again – kids will be returning to school and the normality of routine will begin to fall back into place. Once term starts, there’s likely going to be a series of friendly events held by the institution in order to welcome pupils, teachers, and parents alike back to the school setting. These social functions are a very effective way of strengthening bonds, fostering relationships, and making people feel at home. Decide whether you’re going to hire a mobile catering company for such events, if you’re going to have the food prepared and delivered to you, or if you’re keen to create the dishes yourself.


Inspire Healthy Eating

Since these events will be held in schools, it’s essential to find catering companies that can accommodate to your needs. This is to say, that they should lead the way by offering a spread of nutritious foods that can introduce children to new flavors and food types such as grains, pulses, fruits, and vegetables. It’s crucial to inspire healthy eating from a young age, so that children can approach adulthood healthily and equipped with the knowledge of how to nurture their bodies. Children and young adults should be getting enough calories to support healthy growth and development, and these should be found in wholegrain carbohydrates, proteins, healthy fats, and plenty of fruits and leafy green vegetables.


Know Who You Are Working With

It’s not advisable to choose a company without doing some preliminary investigative search work beforehand. You need to make sure they’re well established and held in high esteem before choosing to go with them. Speak to the team who are going to be making the food directly, and sample some of their creations before going ahead too.


Keep It Simple

Children are notoriously fussy eaters, so before deciding on what foods to provide at the event, you should consider running a poll to find out what the children like to eat. Of course, the objective of this event is to inspire health, so you will have to take some of the suggestions given with a pinch of salt. Crisps, chicken nuggets, and chocolate bars are going to have to be kept firmly off the list on this occasion. Keep the menu simple by having vegetable dishes made and staying away from the likes of spice and strong flavors such as coffee, blue cheeses, and lemons and limes, for example.


Be Safe With Allergies

You have to be extremely careful when it comes to feeding a crowd of people, as allergies can be very serious especially with young children. Be aware of the following seven most common food allergies: milk, fish (especially shellfish, tree nuts, wheat, eggs, peanuts, and soybeans). Before holding a social event of any kind, you need to be one hundred percent certain that each guest’s food is completely free from the allergen they need to avoid. So, to do this, make sure that you send out a series of allergy declaration forms for each and every guest and guardian to fill in. If some allergies are particularly severe, then food should be prepared entirely from scratch and kept away from potentially dangerous sources of contamination.