Before You Move to Your New Home - Buy These 10 Things

Congratulations finally after working day and night you are the owner of a new home. Although this calls for a celebration with your close-knit family, you shouldn’t get joy to take the best from you. Before relocating to the home of your dream, you might need to ensure that everything is over the top! If you are a first time home owner, chances are you wouldn’t have an appreciable collection of homewares and accessories. So check out these 10 things you would want to buy before shifting in your new house:

1. Start with buying a table

Even if buying a couch will depress your budget right now, you should at least get a new table. Since buying one would do, you will have to go on buying one for each room, and 2 for your living room just to be on the safest side. Tables along with offering you the luxury to enjoy a cup of tea or a plateful of noodles also serve as a great storage utility. For starters, you can actually keep all of your house-keys, mugs, and even your bottles, salt cellars etc.

2. A bed isn’t a bed without the bedding

Even if you have got all of your rooms equipped with king or queen sized beds, ditching the bedding altogether wouldn’t guarantee you a good night sleep. Yes, there lie an option of you spending the night on the floor, but this usually seems okay for maybe a week. After that, with your crazy schedule, you wouldn’t find time to rush to the bedding store and will miss out on the good sleep. So before you make your way to your new house grab a mattress, a couple of bed sheets and pillows, this will be good for a while though.

3. Some budget-friendly décor accessories

Since you have just spent a lump sum on your home, it is not advisable to invest in fancy homewares as of now. Until you can afford to polish the décor of your house you can bring in some healthy vibes to it by placing artificial landscaping products or even natural plants, whichever sounds convenient to you. However, if you are concerned about the needs of a lively plant, glue your eyes to varieties of outdoor artificial plants as of now. If you are unsure about which one would uplift the décor of your home, then pick out any type of fake palm trees because that coordinates with most home décors. Again if you feel that your limited space is unable to support giant artificial trees, then go for the safest option, like the fake jungle vines.

4. Shower curtains for the relaxing warm-bath

Often while you are keen to buy bathing utilities like faucets, pipes, cabinets and all, you tend to forget this crucial item. Rushing to the shower without owning a curtain can mess with your brand new flooring. When the moving and packing chores will go in your head all you will crave for is a warm bath. Without a shower curtain, you would be feeling guilt deep within yourself for ruining your perfect floors.

5. Cozy lighting fixtures

Before relocating you obviously have made sure to take care of spotlights and pendant fittings in your home, but don’t miss out purchasing lamps. Whether it’s a table lamp or a night it will offer you a sense of comfort in your new home. Also don’t be shy to buy out floor lamps especially if you intend to turn the ambiance romantic. Do check the light settings before moving in, if you feel something is missing then hunt out some lights for the ceilings as well.  

6. How will you manage without kitchenware

Ordering food online although seems justifiable with your cause of recently moving in; it messes with your health. And what is the need for a beautiful kitchen space if you are not going to utilize it often? List down all the essentialities of the kitchen you need to buy to survive at least like a saucepan, a set of cutleries, some bowls and a spatula of course.

7. Water purifier to keep your water germ free

Since water has been held accountable for spreading most types of germ-borne diseases, it is advisable to install water purifier before even spending a quarter of a single day there. You would not be doing this for flashy decors instead you would have to invest for it to ensure drinking water that is completely free of germs. But it is not a great idea to bring the water purifier which was once installed in your old house, but even if you do for the sake of budget, do clean out the filters.

8. Cleaning essentials is a must

Do you realize how you will clean your house the next day and for the following days to come if you don’t own these inexpensive utilities? And knocking on your neighbor’s doors to ask for a mop or a broomstick isn’t going to save you from the embarrassment. Whether or not you own a vacuum cleaner, you would always be in need for a broomstick and a cleaning liquid to manually clean the sticky dirt.

9. Curtains to ensure privacy

If you cannot afford to buy fancy curtains for all the rooms at this moment then at least you should think about blocking the views of your bedrooms to ensure privacy. You wouldn’t prefer a stranger peeking at your windows, would you?

10. Storage

You aren’t going to pile up things in your brand new home, were you thinking about that? Often homeowners after getting sorted with every necessity of their home forget everything about one of the crucial furnishings that is storage. Start with colorful storage baskets which could also be a quirky twist to your home décor. Or else they could at least prevent clothing and stationary lying here and there all over the floor.  

If you are moving into your own first home, then check if you got these things to prevent last minute hassle. Remember that although you can spend a few days without luxuries, you absolutely would not be able to make it without necessities.