BubbleBum: Junkie Car Organizer And Sneck Neck Pillow Review

By Jim McKenzie

BubbleBum: Junkie Car Organizer And Sneck Neck Pillow Review

For me (like any parent) organizing the little ones’ ‘stuff’ on road trips can be a headache, so I was pleased to get a chance to try this backseat organizer the BubbleBum Junkie Car Organizer. That has a mount for tablets/pads and other handheld devices, and useful activity trays.

I must disclose that on car trips, my young children prefer to talk to my wife and I and draw, rather than play with technology, so my first area of main interest was to see if the cup holder cup holder between my two youngest children would hold up. Yes, it helped avoid spillage and the holder is buckled into place, so it stays in place – a win!

BubbleBum: Junkie Car Organizer And Sneck Neck Pillow Review

Secondly, would the fold out trays hold up for drawing? The kids loved them, but if I had a criticism I would say that they should be of sturdier construction. My kids are very careful with their things, but I can imagine that less self-disciplined more rambunctious children might break the trays quite easily. The other issue is that there is no room to expand the trays across our bench seat and allow room for our child in the corner back seat to get out there is only one door), other than by walking over the seat and climbing over the unit - not a problem for a sedan with two doors, but in my demographic, many parents have SUV’s/People carriers, so it would rule out using the trays on shorter trips, especially if you are in a hurry

I found the two pocketed the tote bag to be very useful for storing books and toys, and a further plus is the zippered insulated bag, which kept drinks cool even in the Floridian early summer heat.

This is a very useful storage and activity unit, particularly for those longer and/or leisurely road trips with the little ones! 

BubbleBum: Junkie Car Organizer And Sneck Neck Pillow Review

Along with the BubbleBum Junkie Car Organizer another great car addition you should try as a parent is the Bubblebum Sneck Neck Pillow. I’m always concerned about my little kiddo’s neck comfort when he falls asleep in the car, so I’ve used the Bubblebum Sneck Neck Pillow multiple times in a short period of time. I like the micro-bead fill, that makes it squishy and it molds easily to fit your child’s neck, but still offers support.  It has a Velcro strap that attaches simply to the headrest behind the child's seat, so it is secures and easy to take off – a thoughtful design plus.

It also is adjustable into a small triangular pillow, so it supports the neck in different planes of motion. I would like the pillow to have a little more filling (my little ones are all in the 100th percentile for height), but in general, this is a really useful little pillow that my little man has really taken to, and he asks to use it even when he isn’t sleepy! Makes me envious when I’m stuck in traffic!

You can find the BubbleBum Junkie Car Organizer online for $39.99 and the Bubblebum Sneck Neck Pillow online for $14.99 at BubbleBum.co/us/.

RATING BubbleBum Junkie Car Organizer: Fatherhood Biz Keeps The Kids Occupied And Tidy

RATING Bubblebum Sneck Neck Pillow: Fatherhood Biz A Game Changer For Kids Car Naps!

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