Create your own dream kitchen

We have all been there, wanting so desperately to improve our kitchen and create a Pinterest worthy kitchen that is the envy of all your friends and family. If you have big dreams it can be frustrating when your budget doesn’t stretch far enough for you to achieve that dream look. However, do not fret - simply plastics have come up with some ingenious ways you can get that dream kitchen without a hefty price tag to follow.

1.    Add a splashback

Adding a humble splashback into the mix is a great way to see some quick changes as well as create a modern look. Splashbacks can come I many different styles ranging from glass, tile and all the way to acrylic splashback. The cheapest way to obtain a splash back would be to go down the acrylic route. This is because acrylic is a cheaper alternative to more traditional glass or tile.

Acrylic is not cheaper because it lacks in quality, in fact, it is 10 times, stronger than glass! The reason acrylic is cheaper than other materials is that in comparison to glass and tile, it is far less fragile meaning shipping costs less. Also, the way in which acrylic is made makes it far less expensive than other options around. If you choose to add an acrylic splashback you will definitely not be disappointed as it comes in a wide selection of different colours and styles.

2.    Upgrade cabinet doors

Opting to replace or upgrade your kitchen cabinet doors is a great way to change up your kitchen. Even if you just repaint your tired kitchen cabinets you will start to see the difference and your kitchen will feel brand new again. If your doors are beyond repair or you just want a new set of kitchen cabinet doors, choosing acrylic doors is the best option for you. They are cheap and take a lot of wear and tear.

3.    Repaint

If you want a change but don’t have enough money to make any drastic changes repainting your kitchen is a great way to get that new kitchen feeling. Repainting is relatively cheap and you can even do it yourself. Make it into a family day and enjoy painting your kitchen together. Choose whatever paint you like, its your space and you can create whatever environment you want!

4.    New counter tops

Breathe some life into your kitchen with some new counter tops. This can be very expensive but worth it as it will change your whole kitchen instantly. You can have counter tops in many different styles including wooden, granite or marble. If your budget doesn’t extend to getting brand new counter tops then you can wrap them in a vinyl effect wrap or even paint them to get a desired effect. We recommend Essex Worktops as they are high quality and worth every penny!

5.    Add open shelves

Adding open shelving is a way in which you can create the illusion of more space. Open shelving removes the bulk that traditional cupboards can create, it also allows more light to filter through the room. Furthermore, it is also a practical as it allows for easy access to various kitchen utensils

6.    Accessories

Finally, it accessorizing your kitchen will give it a personality of its own. You can showcase some beautiful glassware on your new open shelving units, put out some candles and make your kitchen overall your own. This is a great way you can create a kitchen of your dreams.