Creative Engagement Ideas For Guys Attempting The Perfect Proposal


Okay guys, it’s time to listen up.  Modern women are tired of the same old tricks and proposal plans.  You better come with some creativity to secure that ever important, “Yes!”  Planning your engagement is one of the most important tasks you’ll ever conquer.  Hopefully, you’ll only ever do this once, so you want to get it right. 


Now that you’ve made it through the tough decision-making process of purchasing the perfect engagement ring, it’s time to plan the proposal.  If you’re having trouble stirring up the creativity in your mind, take some time to read through a few viable suggestions.  Here is a quick look at some creative engagement ideas that will surely make your evening perfect and your future filled with love. 


Make a game out of the big question


The beginning of the rest of your life doesn’t have to be a super serious moment.  You can make a game out of asking the big question.  Organize a scavenger hunt around the house, or you could even expand it to the city.  Meet her at the culmination of the hunt, and pop the question in style. 


You could also literally design a board game for your proposal.  In somewhat of a “Clue” fashion, the end of the game could present an engagement proposal.  The thought it takes to craft such a moment will mean everything to her. 


Use flower petals to relay the message


Most ladies love flowers, and roses are traditional for saying, “I love you.”  You don’t have to use roses, but scattering flower petals throughout the setting of your choice is a great way to grab her attention.  Spell out your proposition in her favorite flower petals, and watch her eyes light up with joy. 


Write and sing it in a song


If you’re more of a musical type of dude, you can use your talent to woo her into accepting your proposal.  Put your heart and soul into composing a love song as a proposal to your special someone. 


Take your lady to a place that is special to the two of you, and sing your heart out to your love.  You may even want to plan a picnic to enjoy the moment for a bit longer. 


Make a movie to preface the engagement


We’re not talking a million dollar budget here, but your lady would appreciate a compilation of your times together.  Make a small movie of different pictures and video clips mashed together with some meaningful music in the background.  End the video with your proposal, and hope for the best. 


Add your friends and family to the moment


If you think a more public proposal is the way to go, consider staging a flash mob to surprise your girl.  A large group of people all dancing to a song of your choosing is the perfect way to say you love someone, right?