Dad! You Are So Much More Than Just “A Man Around The House”

Dad! You Are So Much More Than Just “A Man Around The House”

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In today’s family households, most men and women work outside the home, so they want to spend as little time as possible carrying out household chores, so that they can enjoy quality family time with the children.

Modern Dads Love To Rock The Kitchen - More Than You Might Think

The modern dad has an expectation of being regarded as not just a DIY – Gardening-Car Repairing guy with a Man Cave and Grill; he wants to be an integral part of the day-to-day running of the household, and a carer for his young children, not just playing and educating them, but also cooking for and bathing them.

In 2014, an article in the New York Times called  “When Their Workday Ends, More Fathers Are Heading Into the Kitchen,” highlighted fathers who took on the role of meal preparer in their homes, “We do a lot more than barbeque,” one man pointed out, and a it is a way of sharing housework with their wives, who also work. “I believe in an equal share of housework,” said Lorin Wertheimer, a working dad of two who was interviewed for the article “It’s a way in which I can pull my weight.”

Furthermore, a study published in 2013 showed that 42% of men spend time cooking on any given day, from a mere 29% in 1965. - and the Food Network’s channel’s viewership is 42% male overall!

So What Helps To Create A Functional Kitchen?

For most, the kitchen is the busiest part of any home, so putting it together in a way that makes the cooking process is worthwhile. Here is one quick idea: you have probably found that the process of handling of filling large pots with water to be tricky (especially if you have young children to wrangle), so, for example a kitchen pot filler faucet is a real godsend. Just place it over the pot and fill it with ease while you keep the kiddos safe in the kitchen!

Bathtime Bliss!

 More fathers than ever are full-time carers. The U.S. Census reports that 32% of married fathers (approximately 7 million dads) are “a regular source of care for their children under age 15, up from 26% from 2002.” Most dads love to bathe the little ones, and where there are children to care for, there is a need for a bath tub!

Taking a bath may be an indulgence for grown-ups, but it’s a daily routine for most kids. And while bath time is usually great fun for children, boredom can set in – which then makes it difficult to get the little ones into the tub without a fight.

And yet, bathrooms have to be functional and stylish. More men than ever are making design decisions for bathrooms, and in particular, they like the vintage look of clawfoot bathtubs , which are deep enough to allow the kids to have fun and splash water without  spilling water all over the floor. And so no more bath time squabbles with the kids. At the same time the clawfoot tub enables a hard-working dad to have a deep soak after a long day! Now combine that tub with touchless faucets, so that you’ll barely have to move an aching muscle to turn the faucet on with your toe, and that will be finishing touch that gives you that extra touch of luxury that you deserve for being such a dedicated dad!

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