Daddy Cool: Dressing To Impress

daddy cool.png

As a dad, it’s safe to say that you may no longer be classed as cool. Of course, there are always the hot dads, the sporty dads, the high flying dads, and even the young dads - and they usually tend to fall into the cool category. But it always seems to be the way that, if you’re a dad and over forty that you’re no longer considered cool by your kids - especially if they’re teens. So, you may experience the kind of disapproving looks from your kids when you get dressed each day. Even when you feel comfortable in something, they’re bound to hate it. But can you ever really dress well as a dad? Well, we’re going to find out.


Work Dad

First of all, we’re going to talk about the kinds of clothes that your kids shouldn’t really cast their eyes over, but they tend to anyway - workwear! When you’re heading out to work, you often need to look the part. Whether you’re a bus driver or in corporate finance, you should feel well put-together and look the part. Because when you dress well, you feel confident, and that can work wonders for your career. In general, you need to choose clothes that fit you well, are comfortable, and that are easy to keep clean. Simple!


Weekend Dad

On the weekends, it’s highly likely that you’re going to pick out something to wear that is nothing like what you’d be wearing to work. You want to feel comfortable and be able to carry out your plans in what you wear too. But, this is one of the looks that your kids will comment on. So keep it in check dads! Slacks and a shirt work just fine. By so with a sports shirt and shorts. So rock what feels best to you, whether the kids like it or not!

denim dad and boy.png


Formal Dad

But what about more formal affairs? As much as you might like to pull out your own prom tux, rocking something from way back when isn’t going to get a lot of eye rolls all round. No exceptions. But you could go for a father and son matching outfit if you wanted to make a statement with your formalwear. You just have to choose your cool carefully.


Taxi Dad

And then there’s always taxi dad. So when you’re trying to enjoy your evening and you have to ferry the teens around last minute, you may be tempted to walk out of the door in your slippers. But they’ll freak. Instead, a simple pair of mens slip ons will do the trick. Even if you’re wearing house shorts, the shoes will trick onlookers into thinking you’ve got for carpool cool!


Vacation Dad

Then, we have vacation dad. And no dad is meant to look uber cool on vacation. In fact, they probably expect you to go all out. After you’ve held back in other areas, feel free to go all out. Crazy print shirts, brightly colored shorts and even slogan shirts are all allowed. Your teens may even see the silly side of things and join you too!