Dads-Don't Forget To Pack These For Your Vacation!

Dads-Don't Forget To Pack These For Your Vacation!

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While you let your wife sort hers and the kids stuff, you need to pack your case, so you have everything you need for your vacation. Here are some items that you need to remember to pack for your vacation.


One of the top things you need to pack for your vacation is a great pair of sunglasses. You want to make sure your protect your eyes while you are in the sun. You need to get a good case to put them in so that they don’t get smashed while you are on the plane. You can also pretend you are asleep if you have sunglasses on, so the kids won’t bother you when you are relaxing! Sunglasses are also a stylish accessory for your outfit, and can help it go from good to great.


Another thing you should not forget to pack is a pair of shorts. If you were planning on just taking jeans, you will regret it as it will be so hot that you will end up sweating, and they will be uncomfortable. You can also find some shorts which are ideal for swimming. That way, you can wear them around the resort, but can take a swim with the kids too. You can buy some decent shorts online; visit for some great choices for your vacation.


You also need to ensure you pack a good shirt for your vacation so that you have somewhere more formal to wear in the evening. A lot of restaurants at resorts won’t allow you in if you don’t have a shirt and trousers on. Therefore, buy some decent shirts to wear for the evening.

Dads-Don't Forget To Pack These For Your Vacation!

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Sun Cream

Another thing you should not forget to pack for your vacation is some sun cream. You and your partner should get a pack of different sun lotions which will be ideal for the whole family. Check the SPF, so that it’s high enough to protect you and the family in the sun. You should read online about different sun lotions to see which make is best to buy. Check out sites such as for the best sunscreen lotions.


Every dad needs to pack a camera in their case for their vacation. It will ensure that you can capture memories you want to look back on in the future. As we talked about previously, sometimes the unimportant moments can make the best photos. Therefore, take pictures when the kids are playing on the beach and don’t know you are taking the pictures. You will get amazing photos you can keep forever.


Another thing dads should remember to pack for their vacation is the family’s passports. If you forget your passport, you won’t be able to go anywhere. Put them in your hand luggage so you can get to them easily when you need to show them. Keep them all in one place so you don’t lose anybody’s passport, and can get them out at the same time when you need to. Keep all important documents in a safe place, and ensure you have a copy of them just in case. Before you leave, double check that you have your PAN Card (, passport, VISA, insurance, and any other necessary documents


Don’t forget to pack a map for your vacation so you know where you are going!

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