Dads - Is It Time To Update Your Look?

Dads - Is It Time To Update Your Look?

Dads- have you been rocking the same look for a decade or more? Maybe you’re not a fan of change, or perhaps your busy lifestyle means that the way you look is often bumped down to the bottom of the priority list. But it’s important to take pride in your appearance and is far more than being shallow or vain. When you look good on the outside, you feel good on the inside. It gives you confidence and helps you to overcome insecurities. It doesn’t even need to be a major change, a few tweaks could have you looking good and feeling even better.

Buy some new clothes

Most of us spend a massive proportion of our lives in work clothes, and so it’s nice to have some outfits to wear outside of this that showcase our style and personality. A casual outfit yet one that you feel good in is perfect for going out for the day at the weekend or out for a beer with the guys. Then something a little smarter would be ideal for date night. If you’re not sure of your style or what would look best on you, stick with a classic men's clothing brand- that way you can purchase items that will never go out of style. Jeans that fit well, a couple of t-shirts, a shirt and two pairs of shoes- one smart, one casual will get you through most occasions.

Try a different hairstyle

Unfortunately for most men, hair loss is inevitable. Research shows that by age thirty five, most men have some degree of hair loss. So if you’ve been wearing your hair the same way since college, it might not be doing you any favours. You don’t have to run out and get a hair transplant (unless you want to!), often, just having it cut a different way can look far more flattering. It’s tempting to want to keep it long if you’re noticing signs of thinning, but actually a shorter style can make it look less obvious.

Switch up your facial hair

It won’t have escaped your attention that beards are in- which is great news for those that can’t stand razor burn every morning! In the not too distant past, clean cut was the norm, but these days it’s acceptable to wear your facial hair pretty much however you want. If you’re normally clean shaven, experiment with a beard or at least a little stubble, just be sure to keep it as tidy looking as possible. If you’ve been wearing a full beard for a while, have a go with something shorter. It’s only hair- if you decide you don’t like it then just let it grow back!

Experiment with accessories

Accessories can help to bring your personality to a plainer outfit- it could be anything from some bands on your wrist for a casual outfit to a designer laptop bag for when you’re keeping it smart. You could try some new glasses, or even opt for contacts to change up your look. Have a look at what’s on the market, and what suits your personal tastes and style.