Different Types Of Lawyers

Legal problems are just too much specific, and you must hire the right lawyer for the job. You must understand the nature of your case that points to the type of lawyer you need. For example, if you want to do estate planning or write a will for your inheritors, you must look for a lawyer who specializes in estate planning. Similarly, Personal Injury lawyers can help you to earn compensation for injuries sustained from a variety of circumstances and situations like car accidents, construction site accidents and fight cases of injury at the workplace for people who are denied compensation under the Workmen’s Compensation Act. To declare bankruptcy, you need a Bankruptcy lawyer and to fight your case when facing drunken driving charges you need a DUI attorney and the list goes on and on.

To know about the types of lawyers that people commonly look for, take time to go through this article.

Estate Planning Lawyer

Passing on your assets to the intended inheritors is only possible by doing good estate planning and giving it legality by generating a will that underlines your wishes of asset distribution. An Estate Planning Lawyer is the right professional to help you in drawing up a will that becomes a legal document after your death. Similarly, you can also create living wills that the lawyer can guide you about.  They also offer other legal services related to estate planning like setting up a trust to take care of the financial needs of your children.

Personal Injury Lawyer

When you meet with an accident like a car accident or slip and fall or even a dog bite, you must take action to defend your rights by seeking guidance and counsel of a personal injury lawyer. Personal injury lawyers help victims of accidents to claim compensation for injuries and damages undergone due to the incident where another party is a fault and caused the injuries.  The lawyer will study your case first to determine its merit for claiming compensation and then arrange for recovery of monetary compensation for the damages.

Bankruptcy Lawyer

Bankruptcy proceedings are on the minds of people who find themselves at the dead end of a financial crisis that does not leave any room to turn around unless declaring bankruptcy. When there are no viable solutions to overcome extreme financial difficulties, bankruptcy is the last resort that Bankruptcy lawyers can help with.  Right from determining your eligibility to file for bankruptcy to the types of bankruptcy options available and even which type would be best for you under the circumstances, the lawyer will guide you comprehensively. They would also point to any potential alternatives to bankruptcy that you may like to consider.

Criminal Lawyer

If you ever face charges of felony or cruelty, a criminal charge it needs the involvement of a criminal lawyer to defend you in the court. Criminal lawyers are well conversant with the criminal laws that are quite different from other laws and are familiar with the legal procedures to help you in securing bail and handle everything related to pleas, arrest, arraignment and every issue related to the criminal law procedure.  Anyone accused of a crime like theft, driving under the influence or DUI and murder must seek the services of a criminal lawyer when the office of a state or federal district attorney prosecutes the charges.

Immigration Lawyer

Those who want to settle in some country by way of being an employee working in that country or want to secure visas for their family members who are foreign-born individuals they must avail the services of an Immigration lawyer.  The lawyers are experts in immigration laws and are the go-to persons for issues related to citizenship, visas, green cards, refugee or asylum. Most of the immigration cases emanate from businesses that employ foreign nationals who visit the USA for work for a specified time and even from refugees and asylum seekers.

Intellectual Property Lawyer

Trademarks and copyright issues crop up every now and then as businesses are keen to protect their rights over their discoveries that are their prized possessions.  Protecting the rights on intangible properties is the task of Intellectual Property lawyers or IP lawyers who work in the areas of patent, copyright, and trademark. Lawyers work for both plaintiffs and defendants even though there is a choice for working with any one of the parties. Similarly, IP lawyers either work for protecting the interest of litigators and intellectual property by filing documents to protect the trademark, copyright or patents.  Another group of IP lawyers only sue copyright violation like copying, reproducing or plagiarizing songs of an artist without his or her explicit permission.

Tax lawyer

For handling tax issues, you must turn to a tax lawyer who can get you out from trouble, should you find handling the issues with IRS too tough.  Tax lawyers possess strong knowledge of tax laws and issues including federal tax, tax related to property, income tax, and gift tax. They stay up to date with the tax laws and IRS regulations in order to advise clients about the effects of the law on the tax payable by them. Besides maintaining accurate records of their clients, they also develop plans to resolve the financial issues faced by their clients.

Family Law Lawyers

Any legal issues involving spouses, couples, and children come under the domain of Family Law. If you are fighting for child support, custody or seek alimony in a divorce case, you must appoint a Family Law lawyer who can provide all legal assistance that you need. Typically, couples who go for pre and post-nuptial agreements must go a Family Law lawyer to give it shape and legal sanction. The lawyer can guide you through the complex legal processes smoothly and help to achieve your goal. You may want to check out this website for more family law details.

Finance and Security Lawyers

Finance and Security lawyers belong to the clan of Business lawyers, but the issues they handle are very specific like selling stocks, issuing money, representing clients against IRS claims and filing an SEC complaint against a company. Some of them also assume the role of Corporate Finance lawyers.