Do Something New With The Kids And Become A Super-Dad

Do Something New With The Kids And Become A Super-Dad

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So, the other half is away for a day or two. You have been left with the kids, and instead of organising a family outing to the zoo, water park, play centre etc, you fancy doing something a little different to the norm. Something which the kids will remember, as much as you will. You want to do something which will guarantee fun and laughter, and which the kids will talk about for weeks later.

However, there doesn’t seem to be that many things which appeal to you. Lots of the places and activities you’ve looked up, you’ve already done. You want to do something new. Let’s face it. While the other half is away, you may as well do something fun with the kids rather than the normal, ordinary activities other dads will be doing. You want this to be so cool, you'll be a super-dad to your kids (although you already were). After having a think with the kids and throwing around some suggestions, there is one which really sticks in your mind.

You ask the kids again, about what that one great suggestion was, and their answer is: bumper balls. You’re not too familiar with it, but after looking it up and asking the kids about what they know of it, you think it is definitely something which fits all the categories and needs that you were looking for. You decide to go for it.

After all, it is a sport. Sort of. And everyone knows how good sporting activities are to build relationships and to create lasting memories which can be looked back in years to come. The kids can get active, while enjoying themselves. They can keep themselves fit and healthy, and you can skip the gym as this could class as a daily workout. You decide it’s a no-brainer and go for it. The kids are over the moon, ecstatic and can’t wait to get stuck into a day of fun with dad.

You find out that it’s a relatively cheap thing to do and you even had enough cash left to treat the kids to a treat on the way home. The kids are exhausted after their day out and go to bed early, leaving you with the evening to yourself to catch up on that TV series you haven't got round to watching yet. A day of fun was had by all, and you can’t wait to tell the other half - when they get home - what you have been up to with the kids while they’ve been away.

It’s important, as a dad, to do new and different things with the kids rather than the traditional day out which they may have got accustomed to. And, besides, you more than likely had just as much fun as the kids - if not more. Delve back into your childhood, and think of all the fun things you did. The chances are, there’ll be one favourite memory there which was something new you did. Let your kids do the same, and allow them to do something new whenever you have the chance.

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