Dos And Don'ts When Buying Jewelry For Kids

Dos And Don'ts When Buying Jewelry For Kids

If you think that adults are the only ones who need jewelry, you’re entirely wrong about that. Kids, similar to adults, also adore jewelry even in the simplest forms. It may be difficult to choose jewelry for a child especially because they’re not really particularly good at handling delicate items such as jewelry. Here are some dos and don’ts when buying jewelry for kids.


1.  Do buy jewelry that is practical and memorable


When giving a piece of jewelry to a child, it’s best to provide a memorable gift. It doesn’t have to be expensive. An example of a jewelry item like this is a collection of monogram necklaces that are customized just for your child. Here are other examples of meaningful gifts for special occasions:

·         Jewelry with hearts to express and show love

·         Birthstone jewelry (necklaces, bracelets, or rings) to celebrate the birth of your child

·         A necklace with your child’s favorite cartoon character as the pendant

·         Princess-themed jewelry featuring crowns, gems, and dresses for girls

·         A bracelet with your child’s favorite things as charms


2.  Do buy jewelry that is durable and safe for your child


Make sure that whatever jewelry you buy is both durable and safe for your child. Here are some helpful precautions:

●       As jewelry will be sticking to your child’s skin, buy jewelry that is hypoallergenic.

●       Kids usually are quicker to absorb chemicals than adults; these chemicals include lead, nickel, and cadmium, which are harmful to the internal organs of children. Because of this, refrain from buying jewelry that contains lead, cadmium, or nickel. 

●       Remember that the jewelry you give must be something that your child cannot accidentally swallow. For example, it is good to buy screw-back earrings which are secure to prevent your kids from swallowing the jewelry as babies and younger children tend to put things in their mouth.


3.  Do buy jewelry that fits the lifestyle of your child


Similar to adults, jewelry for the kids must also fit their lifestyle. If ever your child is very active and loves running and playing, it is best to give jewelry that won’t get in the way of these activities. Examples of these are leather or rubber accessories that are both durable and cute. If your child loves nature, you can get jewelry that has animals, leaves, feathers, butterflies, or bunnies.


4.  Don’t buy expensive jewelry


It is best to stay away from expensive jewelry especially if your child is still very young. They might be too young to recognize the value of the jewelry and can be forgetful about it. Because children still don’t know how to handle delicate items, they may damage the jewelry; it’s better that they accidentally break cheap jewelry than an expensive one. Expensive items may also attract predators for your child; avoid this unwanted attention buy not letting your child wear expensive jewelry.


5.  Don’t buy inappropriate jewelry

Refrain from buying flashy jewelry as kids look better wearing simple jewelry fit for their age. Big and top fashion jewelry, such as dangling earrings and large pieces, will give your child an unfitting look. Instead, buy jewelry that dainty, small, and simple.


6.  Don’t buy plastic jewelry and metals that your child is allergic to


Even though plastic jewelry is cheap, it can be very dangerous for children as it can be quickly mistaken for candy that can cause choking. Plastic jewelry may also cause allergic reactions in children. Furthermore, remember to consider your child’s allergies to certain metals. There are some kids that are allergic to metals like chromium or silver. Metals that kids are not usually allergic to are sterling silver, wooden beads, surgical steel, and gold.




Now you’re ready to go and find the perfect jewelry for your kid. Better yet, bring your child on a jewelry hunting adventure with you to give more meaning to the gift you’re giving.