Entering The World Of Vaping: 4 Considerations To Make When Choosing The Right E-liquid For You

vape-Entering The World Of Vaping: 4 Considerations To Make When Choosing The Right E-liquid For You

The world has long had a fascination with smoking. The history of smoking dates back thousands of years to ancient times, when people would smoke tobacco and other substances for reasons that ranged from medical and self improvement to leisure and relaxation.


By the 1800’s the smoking of tobacco had become extremely popular and the commercial cigarette industry began to take off. Since then we’ve learned about how dangerous tobacco and smoking in general can be, but the habit has already been formed. With up to 1 in 5 deaths being linked to smoking, there has been a big push to cut back on the glamorous public image of smoking and a widespread switch to vaping, a safer alternative.


When vaping started, it was easy enough to just grab a vape and some e-liquid. Now it’s becoming more advanced though, with different types of vaporizer and e-liquids available from a variety of vendors. So how do you know which to buy? Well when it comes to e-liquids, here are the main considerations for you.


1 What do You Want From Your Liquid?


Are you vaping for the taste, for nicotine, or for another reason altogether? Answering this question is your first stop. Obviously you can get plain vape juice with no active substances, nicotine liquids, THC liquid, CBD, and even some other niche substances. Decide on what it is you want and you’ll narrow the range a little, though this is only the starting point.


2. The Flavor


Flavor is the next biggest consideration. At vaporescence.com and other retailers there are hundreds of flavors available, sometimes even more. The flavor is what most people choose their liquid based on, along with strength. You might even begin to prefer one brand over another because different brands can taste different, despite being the same flavor. This is because they use different flavorings and different ingredients to create the oil itself (or at least different ratios/blends of the same ingredients).


3. Strength


The strength of your e-liquid is important too. Some people vape only for the taste, so they need a 0 concentration liquid, while others are vaping for nicotine so will need an acceptable strength in their solution. Reliable, labelled brands are best for this reason because homemade solutions can be dangerously high in their concentrations or so low that they have little/no effect on the user.


4. Are Clouds Important to You?


If you answered yes to this question, you’ll want a liquid with more Vegetable Glycerine (VG) than Propylene Glycerin (PG). VG is thick and can be difficult to smoke without mixing, but it does produce those huge clouds of vapor which some people love. Going with a liquid that has a higher VG percentage is how you achieve this. Going pure VG isn’t an option though, the liquid would be so thick it’d be tough to smoke and likely to gunk up your vaporizer by sticking to sides and other parts.

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