Five Key Items For Every Room

Five Key Items For Every Room

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Decorating can be an unenviable task. Sometimes, it may be slightly tempting to call in some handymen and decorators to do all the hard work for you. However, you’ll keep costs very low if you try your hand at DIY. Not feeling so brave with a paintbrush or hammer? You can often spruce up a room just by buying one statement piece of furniture. This creates a focal point and will draw all attention to your new item. So what furnishings will give your tired rooms the wow-factor? Here are five key items for every room.


There are some obvious pieces every bedroom needs: a bed, wardrobes and nightstand. But you can make your bedroom your own with a stylish accent chair. Pick a chair that suits the style of your bedroom and matches your personality. There are so many different kinds to pick from. Think large comfy armchairs or chic thin metal stools.


Just like in your bedroom, you will need certain items in your bathroom. Things like a bath, shower and toilet are necessary no matter what style your bathroom is in. But you can add some extra style with a large central mirror. Choose a gilded style to add a touch of class. You can also keep things minimal with a simple black frame.


If you want a personalised nursery, get your kids involved with the design. If they are still too young to help out, there are still some cool furnishings they can appreciate. One thing that every nursery needs is a suitable bed for your little one. If you are expecting your first child, you may want some inspiration. Take a look at these cots from Cuckooland. If you’ve got a toddler, they could be ready for their first bed!


The main piece in every kitchen is the oven. Think about whether you want your oven to blend in with the rest of your kitchen’s appliances, or you want it to be the central piece. If you want it to stand out from the crown, think about buying an Aga. These large ovens have a hob on top so you can do all your cooking in one spot. They are also very efficient as a heating appliance and will heat your kitchen.

Five Key Items For Every Room

(Image: Pexels)


We can often forget about our conservatories during the winter months. However, this doesn’t have to be the case! If you put a trendy table and chair set in your conservatory, you’ll want to use it even when it’s slightly chilly outside. You can turn it into a cosy room by adding suitable correct heating appliances to get the temperature up. Being all snuggled up while the rain falls on the glass ceiling and walls can actually be a very atmospheric experience! Add some other comfortable touches, such as rugs, cushions and colourful wall hangings.

If you take care of finding the best items for each room, you’ll find they will give your decor an instant boost. Meaning you don’t have to resort to redecorating just quite yet!

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