Four Reasons Marines Are Good Role Models For Dads

Four Reasons Marines Are Good Role Models For Dads

There are a lot of things that you soon realize are a myth when you become a parent. They are the horror stories people tell you to try and make you panic. What isn’t a myth, though, is that you will always try and be a better dad. As a parent, you want the best for your kids. And, to give them the best, you have to look to improve. If you are still on the lookout, you should look no further than the men that join the Marines. You might think that people that kill for a living aren’t good role models, but you would be wrong. Here are four personality traits that will inspire you to be better for your kids.

They Are Selfless

Marines and anyone that joins the forces put their lives on the line for their country. They want to protect it and keep it out of harm’s way. As a dad, you can relate to that more than anyone else. In fact, some fathers would even say that they would kill for their kids, just like a member of the armed forces. But, it is their selfless gesture that inspires fathers around the world. If they can do that for their country, why can’t you do it for your kids? That is one reason that people invest in Marine Hats and accessories – to give something back. If you want to give back, follow their example for the sake of your family.

They Constantly Make Sacrifices

Again, this is another characteristic that you can relate to on a personal level. These people give everything they have to the cause, often to their detriment. Some even give up the chance to have a family so that they can give everything they have to their country. Although that is a sacrifice you will never make, the principle is the same. They love something so much that they are willing to give up their personal happiness. Quite simply, that is what being a dad is about.

They Are Regimented

Often, other parents will say that being a parent is about making it up as you go along. Of course, you don’t have all the answers. But, that doesn’t mean that a father shouldn’t treat organization seriously for their children. In fact, organization is essential to a child’s life. As soon as they start to feel things change, they react in a negative manner. Marines have this quality in abundance. They dedicate their lives to deadlines and fine detail, and they are always punctual. If you can be half as organized, your kids will benefit from it massively.

They Are Fiercely Protective

It doesn’t get fiercer than fighting militants and terrorists. That is the kind of protection that everyone benefits from on a daily basis. Your kids have a level of security because of the people in the forces fighting for their country. That protection is essential to everyday life, and it is something that you should cherish. If it weren't for them, life would seem a lot less secure.

If you are looking for a role model, you shouldn’t look any further.

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