How To Discover New Eliquid Flavours You're Guaranteed To Fall In Love With

Choosing a new eLiquid flavour is a fun experience, even for longtime users. Everyone has different tastes, so there is no simple answer that will describe the best flavour for you. The guide below covers a lot of the more popular choices in the industry. For an even better overview of what’s available, check out eLiquid's Mystery Bundles.

Do You Like The Taste Of Tobacco?

This will determine which flavour works best for your palate. Some flavours have a stronger hint of tobacco than others, so factor that into your choices. It should be noted that not all tobacco flavours are made the same, and it can range from smooth and light to one note and strong. Tobacco blends are in their own category, leaving you with plenty of choices for a good experience. When deciding on a flavour, always start by figuring out how you feel about the tobacco taste.

The Mint Aftertaste

Adding mint to anything gives it a freshness that is hard to overlook. If you’ve smoked menthol cigarettes before, then you’re already familiar with the icy sensation of mint flavouring. Not all eLiquids fair well when adding a mint aftertaste, so choose wisely. The goods news is that buying a quality brand will give you the same or better mint aftertaste than a menthol cigarette. Available flavours cover the classics like mint or spearmint, while fusion flavours use mint as an addition.

A Familiar Taste

Do you have a favorite candy, drink or meal? Or how about a favorite snack from the bakery? Plenty of eLiquid flavours are inspired by popular foods from all over the world. By selecting the right eLiquid, you can fulfill a craving at any point in the day. Fruit flavours are the most popular, with a pleasant aroma and taste that stays with you for hours. The more unique the flavour, the better chance there is of you finding a new favorite. Some people have even used food flavoured eLiquids are a way to keep from overeating. Whatever your use is, make sure to choose a taste that is close to the original.

Venturing Into The Unknown

Instead of trying to get something that is familiar, take on a brand new flavour. This can turn into a fun way to discover an eLiquid you would have never tried before. Doing this often will let you try a lot of the new flavours out, and many which are in limited quantities. You may even get to try a flavour that your friends will miss out on. Going into the unknown is a great way to expand your taste palette and explore new things.

Wrap Up

If you’re confused, then pick more than one! There is nothing wrong with having multiple favorites. One can be for stress relief while the other can be for parties. All of the eLiquid flavours you choose are meant to represent what you love the most about smoking. Find the ones you love the most and add it to the rotation.