How to Increase Your Home’s Resale Value on a Dime?

How to Increase Your Home’s Resale Value on a Dime (1).jpg

If you are looking to move, increasing your home’s value is paramount to getting a good selling price. This way, you can hope to really have a chance to buy a new house of your dreams. But you need to make sure that the investment you put into this house doesn’t outweigh the financial gain you get from it. That’s why you should invest smart and pick those easy and cheap fixes which can really make a difference.


The expression ‘the kitchen is becoming the center of the home’ has been used and reused in the recent years, and for a good reason. Having a stunning kitchen can really bring up the price of a house. You can do a full remodel, using the services of remodelers or you can just make a few crucial changes which won’t cost you much, but will have the ‘wow’ effect.

 Adding stainless steel details does wonders to make the kitchen seem new and impressive. Whether it is a new countertop or just cupboard handles, stainless steel is an easy and cheap fix. Adding some relatively cheap appliances can further make your kitchen look like someone’s dream, which is what your goal should be.


Much like the kitchen, the bathroom is an important selling point. If you are looking for some easy and cheap fixes in the bathroom, make sure you replace the old and weathered taps for new shiny ones.

Additionally, install mirrors in order to both give the illusion of more space and light, as well as for functional reasons.

Cleanliness or apparent cleanliness is extremely important with bathrooms. That’s why you should try regrouting your bathroom tiles. It is easy, quick and can make a world of difference.


You can never go wrong with accent lights. These small LED lamps do not serve as main lights, but they do give the coziness and the proper atmosphere to the room. You can have them installed in any room you see fit, but the biggest hits are bathrooms and kitchens.

Probably the easiest and most striking difference you can make is putting a fresh coat of paint on your walls. Business Insider gives some ideas about the colors which can help you get more worth out of your home.


Your property doesn’t stop at your doorstep. If your home has a big yard, do something with it to rake up the price. For a start, you can try to prune and trim all the bushes and trees on your property.

Something as easy and cheap as installing a few solar lamps in your yard can give it the groomed, well-organized look you want.

Small investments of a few potted plants or a flower bed can completely transform a bland and unimpressive yard into a desirable oasis of peace.

If you follow these guidelines, you may end up regretting selling your home. If you reach that state, know that your bid for added value was successful.