How To Install Roller Window Shades

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There are many window treatment options available for any household looking to update the atmosphere. Depending on what they concern is, it is a good idea to keep roller shades in mind because of the numerous benefits they offer to the space. After all, they control the lighting as well as offer a quick and affordable way to give any room privacy and shade. Any roller shade supplier would be happy to make recommendations and offer advice for installation if you are intimidated by the process. There are many places you can purchase blinds from such as these blinds in Basildon from express Essex blinds.



The Preparation Process


  1. Beginnings: Before beginning the installation process you need to make sure that all of the necessary preparation work is completed. Doing so will ensure that you do not run into issues during installation which could have been avoided. Start by deciding whether the shades will be installed inside or outside the window frame. Structural concerns might determine this for you. If both are an option, you need to decide how much of a focal point you want the shades to play in the room.
  2. Measure: The next step is to take the measurements and record them. Measure the width of the shades as well as the length. Make sure that you use the same unit system for both.
  3. Picking Out Shades:Once you are armed with the proper measurements, you are able to go out and find the perfect shades for your home. There are a variety of textures, materials, colours and patterns to choose from. Thanks to this you won’t have any issues finding the one that fits seamlessly with the look and feel of the space. You will also now be able to place an order for your shades.
  4. Tools: While you are waiting for your roller shades, it is time to assemble all the tools needed to complete the task. The key tools are: a measuring tape, level, pencil, screwdriver, drill, screws, and a ladder. Safety equipment like protective eyewear is also always recommended.



Installation Process


  1. Bracket Installation: Once the shades have arrived it’s time to begin installation. The first thing that needs to be done is install the brackets. Place the brackets on the window frame where you planned in the preparation process. Measure from the ceiling and make a mark where the brackets will be placed. Do this on both sides of the window so that they will be even. When installing the shades make sure that there is a little area between the brackets and the roller. If they are too tight, it won’t work properly.
  2. Hanging the Shade: Once the brackets are mounted it is time to mount the shades. Don’t be intimidated about this though, it is a lot easier than it seems. Begin by putting the spring loaded side of the roller into the brackets first. Then attach the hooks on the opposing side into the bracket’s receiver holes. Once this has been done successfully slowly pull it down until the arms are locked in. The final step is to place the bracket covers on the outside bracket. If they are cord controlled shades the bottom of the clutch will point down if installed properly. This is an easy way to check that everything has gone correctly.



How To Operate Shades


  1. Raising and Lowering: One of the wonderful things about roller shades is how easily they are to operate. In most cases all you need to do is pull the shade straight down. They will stay lowered without any difficulty. To raise a roller shade pull the bottom on the shade and pull away from the window. Release the shade without letting go of it entirely; guide it upwards and let it raise to the desired height. There are also automatic roller shades which adjust at the click of a button. These are convenient options for any busy household.
  2. Adjusting Tension: If you find it difficult to lower or raise the shades then it might mean that it is time to adjust the tension of the shade. If the shade is having trouble rolling up it means that the spring is too loose, while if it won’t stay down it’s too tight. If it’s too loose, pull the shade down by 18 inches and then take the shades off the bracket. Roll the shade up manually and place it back in the brackets. Do this as many times as necessary until the ideal tension is achieved. If the spring is too tight on the other hand, take the shade off when it is rolled to the top to take it off of its hinges. Unroll 18 inches of it at this point and replace it on the brackets.






  1. Vacuuming and Dusting: Keeping the shades looking their best is just as important as the installation. Keeping them clean is easy to do, all it requires a little bit of time out of your week. Begin by looking at the cleaning instructions of the shades. This is the best place to start because it will have tailored instructions for the fabric and colours. If you misplaced them before you read them, stick with vacuuming and dusting. Dust the brackets regularly, and at least once a week use your vacuum. Put it on low suction with the soft bristle nozzle. Go over the fabric gently and with the weave to avoid damage. Use a soft detergent to clean off any sot stains that occur.


Many homeowners are more intimidated by roller shade installation than they should be. In the end all it takes is a little bit of time and effort to gain the many benefits that they offer. For instance, roller shades offer privacy and lighting control which is ideal for any bedroom. Hopefully, this guide will empower homeowners to install roller shades in a quick and affordable way.