How To Know If Internet Gambling Is Right For You

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With the responsibilities of fatherhood upon him, the opportunities for a dad to indulge in some gambling fun, by a card game or a trip to the casino with the guys can be far and few between – and even then, it can be difficult for a dad not to feel some to feel some guilt about the expense of having a little gamble now and then.

So here we are going to have a look at how you can let off some steam by easily having an online flutter, and whether online gambling is right for you.


What Is Internet Gambling?

 “Internet Gambling” (also known as Online Gambling) has been defined as any kind of gambling game which is played using a computer or mobile device via the internet, and can include poker, casinos and sports betting and the first recorded instance of an online casino was in 1994. The money that is wagered is dealt with via credit card, electronic check or money order, even cryptocurrencies, to the gambling sites and winnings are cashed out directly to the card. It is hugely popular in Europe, The Caribbean and parts of Canada, with the industry, with statistics portal group Statista predicting the size of the global online gambling market will have a volume of $55.19 billion growing to $59.79 billion by 2020.


The Advantages of Internet Gambling

All the betting is done from the comfort of your own home, and so you immediately save time, hassle and the costs of traveling to and enjoying the casino. You’ll also be able to pick games that are not readily available in traditional casinos.

In addition to comfort and convenience, you can learn to play and practice games with ‘play money’ before you use real money, so you can at least hone your skills and increase your chances of making cash before you start! Another huge advantage is that you can gamble with very little outlay which would not be possible with a traditional casino, which can make it easier to make a small profit and still have fun.

But with all this ease and convenience, is it very important that you consider your personal circumstances, character and your ability to keep an internet gambling habit under control.


Is Internet Gambling Right For You?

So you have seen the ease and advantages, but what about the risks involved with internet gambling?

Addiction – there is a clinical disorder known as “pathological gambling” which occurs when a person simply cannot resist their impulses to gamble, and it is estimated that 3% of the people have this propensity. With the speed and ease of using a credit card to gamble, at work, home or even on a smartphone, you can imagine how this addiction could be quickly fueled to dangerous levels.

Losing Track - of what you are spending:  It is easier to forget that you are using real money when gambling online (just like an eBay bidding war, where it is easy to overbid) and to bet impulsively. There is nothing like having to draw cash to give you a reality check!

Alcohol – a traditional casino will stop a gambler from over-indulging. But if you are at home, there are no restrictions, and heavy alcohol consumption will increase the urge to gamble and overspend. 

Identity Theft and Credit Card Fraud – you will be providing personal information and credit card details, so before you even consider online gambling, you should should visit an internet gambling review website  to ensure that you choose a reputable website.


What To Consider When Choosing An Online Casino

So always make sure that you do due diligence and research safe sites as we recommend and consider factors such as:

Age – how long has the site operated?

Reputation and Reviews - what are other players saying?

Fairness tests – have the games been rated as being fair?

Privacy Policy – does the site use your information?

Licence – who regulates the operator?

Payouts – is the site honoring its payments?

Played responsibility, online gambling is a harmless pastime that will enable you to feel like you are a casino high-roller, even whilst wearing your favorite comfy slippers and pajamas! So, choose wisely, and good luck!