How to Pack and Move Furniture

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Moving into a new apartment can be exciting. However, packaging is the most laborious task when it comes to relocation. Moving furniture to a new house requires diligence and patience. Packing small things like books, magazines, dishes, toiletry products, etc. is easier than packing heavy objects such as furniture.

Right packaging techniques can help you to relocate your furniture without the risk of damage. Furniture is difficult to move. If you are not sure about shifting it safely, you should take the help of professional movers. Here are some tips that can guide you on packing and moving furniture when you are relocating.


Disassemble Large Items with Right Tools

The sofa, bed, and dining table are big items that can’t be moved without disassembling. You should have right tools to segregate their parts. This might be a time-consuming process. Segregate the parts that can be disassembled like table legs, bed frames, shelves etc. Once you loosen the nuts, bolts, screws, and washers, put them in a plastic bag and zip up properly. To avoid confusion while assembling the parts, make separate bags for the nuts and screws of each item and paste a label on the exterior of the bag with a note stating which item it belongs to. Be careful of the delicate parts of an item. Use packaging tape to wrap them up and cover with furniture blankets.

If you don’t have the knack of using tools, it is better to take the help of professional movers. They know the right tools for disassembling components of large items. They can perform this task carefully and efficiently. If you have large items that you no longer want, get in touch with your local recycling services.


Packaging Style for Easier and Convenient Move

Everybody does packing while shifting to a new house, but only a few people use a wise packing method to avoid burden and hassle. Start boxing up the items you use less frequently such as books, magazines, knickknacks, etc. a few weeks before shifting. Use polystyrene sheets at the bottom of the boxes to save your crockery from damage and wrap up them with newspapers. Use more papers to eliminate empty room inside the box.

Always remember, the less space your items have to move around, the lower the chance of breakage. Try to use boxes of same size that will help them stack up well. Obviously, you will have several boxes and to avoid confusion, write outside the box which box contains which item. For example, if you have four cartons of kitchen appliances, write kitchen items outside the box; so that in your new house, you don’t need to open up all cartons just to find out which box belongs to kitchen items.

Also, be careful about the weight of the boxes. Some boxes could weigh more than other boxes; so, stack up all boxes to maintain balance. Professional movers help to relocate the items in a good way. So, relying on them for moving items is not a bad idea. However, keep certain items like jewelry, documents, and some other small items to keep with you during the move.


Packing Tips for Small Items

You may have several small items in your home. Pack your bedding, tablecloths and towels so that you can get them fresh in your new house. Fold and stack them up neatly. Pile up newspapers on top of them. Once the box is full, seal it with the tape and don’t forget to write outside the box what it contains.

Jewelry can be precious to you. You won’t like it if your jewelry gets damaged and bruised. To pack pieces of jewelry, wrap them up in cotton and then enclose the small bundle with some paper and keep the packaged item in the box.

Make sure to store individual earrings with buttons. Also, keep the pairs together. Another important small item is makeup. Cosmetic products are very expensive and handling them with care is essential. Take a large box and put all your makeup items such as foundations, concealers, night-creams, moisturizers, etc. in that box. Use plastic wrap to pack nail polishes as they can spill, and then put them in a separate box or a plastic bag. Use book boxes to pack books and if you find empty room, fill that with a towel, shawl or any other kind of clothing.

Similarly, pack garage tools in a box. Keep them in a way that the box has no empty space. Put some rough papers to cover the empty space. Purchase a CD and DVD case for packing them. Cases will prevent them from scratches.

Follow these tips if you are looking forward to shifting a new house. You can carry small items with you, but you need to contact professional movers for shifting furniture to a new apartment. They are experts in disintegrating your furniture into small pieces and will assemble your new flat with no delay.