"I'm Using It Right Now!"- Gifts For Dads They'll Actually Appreciate!

"I'm Using It Right Now!"- Gifts For Dads They'll Actually Appreciate! 

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For the luckiest and blessed amongst us, we have a father or father figure in our lives. This also means that once a year, his birthday rolls around!

We all know the disappointment of opening a gift that we know we won’t use! And we don’t want to give others that same feeling. But we know ourselves that men are hard to buy for!

So, let’s break down a few gift ideas, suitable for dads. The key being, they will actually be able to and want to use them. Which means that the gift will be truly appreciated, and the gift will be used. No sinking feelings of disappointment need occur! No terrible presents have to be handed over. Read on to find out more…

First up is something that is an essential to all men everywhere. Unless they are a full-time naturist, of course! We’re talking about clothes, of course! Most men have several tops and shirts, so adding to this collection might not be as wise. However, something men have less of (generally), is jeans! We all know just how appreciated a pair of well-fitting jeans can be. Make sure he gets a few years use out of them by picking quality ones, like these Motto Jeans.

"I'm Using It Right Now!"- Gifts For Dads They'll Actually Appreciate! 

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Next up, ask yourself the following question. What does he like to drink when he’s at home? Sure, a glass or mug might not be the most exciting or inventive present. But if you buy one that fits, he will actually get to use it- and often. If he likes to drink tea, how about a personalised or comic mug? Coffee? How about a fancy set of espresso cups and saucers? A great gift for your dad, if he is a coffee lover, is barrista training in London from Kimbo to teach him how to make the perfect cup of coffee would be a perfect gift.   If he’s into his beer, how about a self-chilling beer tankard. And for wine, how about an unusually shaped wine glass?

"I'm Using It Right Now!"- Gifts For Dads They'll Actually Appreciate! 

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Taking a sideways step from drinks into food, here is another useable gift suggestion for Dads. How about giving them a hamper? While normally a gift for women, this rule needs to be broken. Take it from us; most men would really appreciate a box filled with their favorite foods! Put it in a box, rather than a basket, if you want to make it feel like a more ‘manly’ gift! Then, jam it full of their favorite stuff. What chocolate bar do they always buy from the petrol station? What flavour chips do they always get? Which nuts do they like to eat at the bar? This is a great gift if you can spend some time doing some stealthy research!

Finally, here is an idea if the guy you’re buying for is not your dad, but a friend who is also a dad. Maybe they are a new dad! Whether it’s their first or fifth, they’re likely to be some craving some guy time in these early stages. Remember that you gift doesn’t have to be an actual item. It could just be a night out, or meeting from for a coffee at lunch near their work.

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