Important Dog Health Myths To Know The Truth About

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If you have a pet dog, there's a good chance you feel as close to him as a family member. However, when it comes to understanding your dog's health, you may feel clueless. However, you can make sure you're taking as good of care as possible of your dog if you learn some important facts and fiction about dogs and their wellbeing. Here are some popular myths about dog health. By arming yourself with this knowledge, you can ensure you always properly care for your pet.


Dogs Should Never Eat Human Food

It's definitely a good idea not to feed your dog from the table. However, some human foods can be extremely beneficial for your dogs. For example, blueberries and carrots provide your dog much-needed nutrients while grains like brown rice can be good for a dog that's recovering from an illness. Consider providing a healthy balance of human and dog food to keep your dog happy and well. Make sure you consult your vet before you feed your dog a human food to make sure it's safe for him to eat.


Dogs Shouldn't Have a Dry Nose

There's a myth that a warm, wet nose is the best kind of nose for a dog to have. However, in reality, a dry nose doesn't necessarily indicate an illness. A dry nose can be a sign of many things: being asleep for a long time, slight dehydration, and more. Check with your vet if your dog's nose is dry for a long time, or if it's dry and cracked. He can help pinpoint what's causing the dryness and treat it if medication is necessary.


Dogs Don't Get Fleas If They're Mostly Inside

Keeping dogs inside and out of the dog park can help reduce the risk of fleas. However, they'll still flea preventative treatments even if they stay inside a lot because they can get fleas from simply going outside to go to the bathroom or pick them up inside, in case you (or your dog) carry a flea into the house. Treating your dog to prevent fleas ensures that he won't suffer from itchiness and irritation and it can keep your house and furniture from getting fleas, as well. If your dog is itchy, take him to the vet. It might be fleas -- but it might be atopic dermatitis. If he has atopic dermatitis, your vet can prescribe Apoquel for dogs to relieve the symptoms.


Dogs Don't Need a Dentist

Okay, so dogs DON'T need a dentist. But, they do need regular dental care. Take your dog to the dentist once a year to have a tooth cleaning. Your vet will sedate your dog and clean his teeth thoroughly, so you don't have to worry about him getting dental or gum diseases. Oral diseases in dogs don't just cause tooth decay, tooth loss, and bad breath. Diseases of the mouth can get into the blood stream and harm your dog's organs.


Dogs Don't Get Kidney Disease Until They're Old

Any age dog can get kidney disease, though the disease is more prevalent in older dogs. Watch for signs of kidney disease: excessive drinking of water and urination are two common signs. You can take your dog to the vet to do a urinalysis to see what's going on.

If you want your dog to live a long time and to thrive, it's important to learn all you can about dog health. By knowing how to take care of your pooch in the best way possible, you'll ensure that he's around to play with and love your family for years to come.