Is Your Child A Gamer? Here's 5 Things You Need To Know

Is Your Child A Gamer? Here's 5 Things You Need To Know

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As parents, it’s sometimes hard to understand our kids’ habits. That is especially the case when it involves things that we never used to do as kids ourselves. Video games have changed a lot in the last 20/30 years, and now they encompass so much more than Space Invaders or Donkey Kong could ever manage. Kids spend so much time on their PC’s, laptops, tablets and consoles these days. Sometimes, it’s difficult to tear them away! Before you get concerned or if you simply want to understand what the big deal is, read on.

They’re Educational

Video games aren’t just a waste of time. They have evolved over the years, and now they can teach all sorts of things. Games like Rocksmith can actually help you to learn a real guitar. There are games to help with dancing, fitness or simply just learn a new skill. They can also help kids learn about things such as finances in games like FIFA, or history in some war-based titles. They’re a fantastic educational tool.

You Buy Them All Sorts Of Gaming Gifts

If you’re ever stuck to buy your child something for their birthday, a game gift is always a great bet. You could find out what sort of games they’re into; Minecraft merch is always a great seller. There are websites like that showcase different types of equipment to make their gaming experience even better. You could even take them to a local gaming convention or museum; you’d be surprised how many you’ll find!

Games Fulfill Dreams

Games aren’t a linear experience anymore. They aren’t just about shooting aliens on a 2D screen. Video games bring stories to life and open up incredible possibilities. You can play a game of football against someone halfway around the world without needing to step outside. You can converse with brand-new friends and play games together without ever getting bored. With virtual reality, we’ll be able to step into new worlds, and the possibilities are almost endless. Times have changed, and they are much more encompassing these days.

Is Your Child A Gamer? Here's 5 Things You Need To Know

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Keep An Eye On That Age Rating

We’ve all heard the horror stories about games like Grand Theft Auto, and they’re often fabricated to an extent. The truth is, you’re never going to get rid of violent games (or movies). The key thing is to obey the age ratings as seen at Grand Theft Auto, in particular, has a strict rating for adults only, and it’s your responsibility to make sure they don’t play it. If you think your child struggles to differ between reality and the world of gaming, you need to have a serious discussion with them.

Know When To Say “No”

Games are great, but it’s easy to get obsessed with them. There comes a time when they overtake your life, especially as a child. Know when enough is enough, but don’t be unfair. Allow them to play with their friends online for a while, but ensure they do something else afterward. Don’t pull them out of a game they’re in the middle of - it’s the same as you being forced away from a television show that you’re really enjoying.

Video games are fantastic as long as they’re consumed responsibly. Try playing some games with your child one day; they’ll love it, and it’s a great bonding experience.

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